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New Year’s Resolutions — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, Joyce, what a beautiful and encouraging article!!!!!!!!!!

    Being resolved doesn’t have to be a punishment, and I believe that standard “New Year’s Resolutions” are rooted in self-punishment for having gained 25lb, or something else.

    I really am LIKING your approach to this, as well as what you are resolved to work on. I love them all because it’s about being a calmer and more balanced human being, rather than being IMPERFECT.

    I really like the living in the “NOW,” too – it’s something that I have always had a difficult time conceptualizing, much less putting into practice. What a lovely, lovely, and absolutely POSITIVE article! Thank you, so much, for putting this out there……….

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re entirely welcome, Truthy. I spent a long time conceptualizing what I really wanted to work on…of course I need to lose some weight…but frankly I know I’m not likely to until summer (if then) but the other things I NEED to work on to keep my life sane, peaceful and happy are the things I listed in the article. I thought about many other things but they were too specific like the “lose 25 pounds” and these things are all things I have been working on for nearly a decade now. It’s been 7 years since I came out of hiding and moved back into my home…and slowly slowly, ever so slowly, I’ve been trying to “diagnose” what went wrong in my life, and what I COULD DO ABOUT IT…and I’m finally getting closer and closer to PEACE AND JOY…losing 25 pounds won’t make me happy, but keeping the resolutions I listed will, and being happy and peaceful WILL help me take care of the 25 pounds eventually, because we cannot accomplish anything as long as we are miserable, unhappy and caught in the spin cycle.

  3. Hey, girlfriend! I hope all is well with you! Wishing you the brightest blessings for the coming year. Good to “see” you.

    Last evening I also did, I say DID, something I have been “meaning” to do and “resolving” to do for years, I worked more on cleaning out my office and getting rid of things I do not need. I threw out another BIG garbage sack of old papers I had filed away that I no longer had any need of.

    I didn’t make a “resolution” to do it, but my resolutions for a peaceful and happy new year actually gave me the energy and “ambition” to DO some of the other things I’ve been needing to do and procrastinating about.

    My son and I both noticed after the aircraft crash that killed my husband and burned my son severely, that we tended to procrastinate…the first year was almost complete shut down, but the procrastination, though improved, is still there even these ten years. Since I gave some thoughts to what I wanted to “accomplish” this year in terms of doing things, without being specific, just a general idea, I’ve actually made some strides in that direction. Sort of Amazes me. LOL My main GOAL for the rest of my life, not just 2015 is that I live a peaceful life, filled with good things, good thoughts, and without some of the bad choices I’ve made in the past creeping up on me again.

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