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Nightmare in the news: Sandra Layne trial — 3 Comments

  1. Another equally sad situation. It’s inexplicable that someone who had never been violent before, would suddenly go RAMBO on her own young grandson. How does that happen?

  2. Michelle, my guess, and guess is all it is, is that the woman was somewhat in the early stages of dementia. Her behavior on the stand, her “reasons” for getting the gun to scare him, the fact that she was so very upset about him not cooperating (and face it, the consequences he was facing were pretty mild by today’s standards) and then her continuing to shoot after he was wounded and on the phone with 911 says to me she was in that early stages of dementia where she has lost her judgment. She isn’t, I don’t think legally “certifiable” because she still knows the month, the year, can tell time and who the president is, so she is legally “sane” and responsible for her actions, but if I were her attorney I would see about getting a “diminished capacity” appeal filed. I would have thought a competent attorney would have done so at trial.
    The early loss of judgment and inability to tell obvious lies and falsehoods from truth is why the elderly are so easy for con men to prey upon.

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