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Parole review for my son — 26 Comments

  1. Thanks, Blue! I really appreciate all the support that you and everyone here has given me over this most difficult of years. I am very glad that they didn’t give him a reduced time from the last time, he still got 3 years before he can go back. They can give from 0-5 years, he got 4 the first time, 3 the second and 3 this time, so he has lost three parole hearings in a row and this time there was NO reduction in the time til next review.

    They actually don’t have a “hearing” but members of the board (usually 3) read the documentation and then vote and he has to have a simple majority. I dont’ know what the vote was, but most of the board denied him parole and that’s ALL that counts for now.

    I just hope that the huge volume of letters and documents protesting his parole, from every blood relative he has except my mother, from medical and psychological and victim experts carries some weight.

    Thanks for all your caring and support, Blue…I value your friendship and support more than you can know. (((hugs)))

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