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Pedophiles are hard wired — 27 Comments

  1. Article up…and BTW you can click on the photo of him IN THE ARTICLE and it will bring up the comments by readers…interesting comments.

  2. Here’s today’s jaw cruncher…a serial rapist who may or may not be “mentally ill” is set to be released into a rural california town…


    This kind of man/woman NEVER becomes “safe” in society….and the reason the law was passed to keep them in psych hospitals after their jail stay is up recognized that. I “can’t believe” (yea I can, but I don’t want to believe!) that these doctors are wanting to turn him loose. UGH

  3. Oh, and look at the amount of “rent” the state is paying for his house which “should” rent for $500 (in california that has got to be a card board box!) What is wrong with these people???

  4. Joyce, this article is truly bone-chilling. It reflects a number of things with the most glaring being the failure of the Criminal System to keep these predators off of the streets, once they’ve been convicted.

    Yeah, yeah…….they’ve served the time for their crimes, but there is absolutely NO KNOWN CURE for pedophilia. Even chemical/surgical castration does not alter the need to damage a child. The s-e-x acts are incidental to the control and ruination of innocence. Most all paraphelia are so deeply imbedded into a person’s psyche that they can only MODIFY their behaviors, rather than cure themselves of their deviances.


    • EDIT ADD: well, the whole point of my rant, above, is that s-e-x offenders need to be taken out of society, permanently. Forever. Amen

  5. The deal with the “minister” (now EX minister) is that churches are way too easily gullible in their belief that a person can repent and be saved from ANYTHING…any perversion.

    Psychopaths….pedophiles….rapists…. etc and science is showing now that ALL of them are hard wired to do what they do. Okay, a guy gets drunk and his GF says “no” and he goes ahead anyway…legally he is a rapist, but not always hard wired, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get the consequences of his bad behavior, but the guy who goes after kiddies stone cold sober and so on, TARGETS victims to rape —that man or woman is not going to reform.

    I am a Christian and Ii believe in forgiveness and I believe people (under some circumstances) CAN change….however I also believe, as the Bible states, that there are people with “REPROBATE MINDS” who have gone so far down the abyss that there is NO GOING BACK or ability for them to truly repent and change. Science is finally able to show that these people are physically and chemically DIFFERENT than “typical” people. Their brains are hard wired and chemically different.

    I saw a 20/20 last night about kids with severe OCD and the differences in their brains from typical, but, with long term and APPROPRIATE therapy some of them CAN be improved so that their lives are not a mess and they can go on to live a healthy life. The story followed 3 of these kids for 5 years which I thought was interesting and well done. Unfortunately too many of these kids don’t get that therapy.

    I agree with you that violent s e x offenders should be kept off the streets FOREVER…and you are right, castration doesn’t even stop them. The story here in Arkansas of Wayne Dumond is a perfect example. He raped a gal, and someone (presumably her family) castrated this guy…our “goodie two shoes” governor pardoned him from a life sentence, and within a year he had raped and KILLED a girl.

    I all too well understand the position and denial of many family members and churches in thinking that the person they love can be rehabilitated…but it is wishful thinking and a big form of denial in many cases and pedophiles and violent rapists are at the top of the list.

    Dicike is only ONE of the several pedophiles I have known, Jack Pratt, Dickie and Charles “Jackie” Walls III –the latter raped hundreds of kids over a 20 year period, he is doing life without parole. From a good family, good people who at first refused to believe he was guilty, but eventually can to see the truth about “Jackie” I never liked Jackie but didn’t know what it was about him that made me not like him, never dreamed he was a pedophile. Jack Pratt, however, I actually liked until I realized what he was after he was arrested and went to prison.

  6. Of course he’s back in the church community, predators look for prey and his old flock serves two purposes: a place to camouflage himself and a steady supply of prey.

    Churches do a disservice to their members when they teach them about forgiveness but not discernment. Predators are attracted to what they perceive as “weakness”. A good, kind person is viewed as weak prey. That’s why Jesus advised us to be as innocent as doves and as WISE as serpents.

    Not all of us have a sixth sense for evil. Sometimes evil goes under our radar because the predator has already targeted us for destruction. That’s why we have to learn the red flags.

  7. One of the most important messages I think that Jesus preached was that there would be “wolves in sheep’s clothing” in the churches, masking as “sheep” when in fact they were only wearing sheep “skins” (masks) in order to get closer to the real sheep.

    And unfortunately, like sheep, too many people accept without question those within the church. Jesus preached that “by their fruits ye shall know them” i.e. by the way they behave, and when SOMEONE SHOWS YOU WHAT THEY ARE, BELIEVE THEM!!!! It makes me sick to my stomach, but you know, the same little church turned their backs on a friend of mine, in favor of her abuser. But I’m not surprised that they did…and the measure of hurt that they have done to her is at least as bad as the pain I felt when they did it to me. As far as I am concerned they are more a COVEN than a “church” AND i WILL NOT ASSOCIATE WITH ANY OF THEM.

    • Joyce, what I have noticed about religions, organizations, associations, and other groups where “like-minded” people gather is that ANY group that espouses “forgiveness” and acceptance (even superficially) are the best places for these people to integrate themselves into.

      In order to be a “good” follower, the b.s. teaching was that EVERYONE was deserving of second chances and/or the benefit of the doubt. Everyone – everyone, bar none – was capable of miraculous redemption, change, and “goodness” among mankind. Well, this simply is not true. In a Perfect World, this would, indeed, be true, possible, and likely. But, in “real life,” this simply does not happen. People aren’t struck by some Divine Thunderbolt and suddenly made whole. Sure, there are some people who endeavor to change, stop lying, stop using, and alter their behaviors, but it’s not often and it requires an individual’s personal desire to change rather than some Divine Intervention.

      For instance, the exspath’s brother-in-law developed an encapsulated tumor in his jaw that required dramatic surgery, and he had a brush with Death. Under most circumstances, a human being capable of compassion, empathy, and insight would take that circumstance as a “wake up call” to make every day of their life count in a positive manner. Well, this guy didn’t see it that way. He saw it as his WIN against dying and actually became even more abusive and outwardly disordered in his behaviors because, in his warped, twisted mind, he had actually beaten Death!

      So, the fact that the former minister was accepted is just another example of B.S. Thinking. If it’s grown from a maple seed, it’s not going to turn into a rose bush – it just isn’t. So, if it hatches from a snake egg, it’s not going to emerge as a fuzzy duckling. NO AMOUNT of prayer, false-hope, and/or wishful thinking is going to “heal” a pedophile of their disease. EUGH…………it’s nauseating, absolutely, and I have NO use for any organization that maintains that false hope as a means of gathering membership.

  8. Good point truthy, I read a book written by a minister of a conservative denomination who “saved” Jefrey Dahmer after he went to prison. The man met with Jeffrey once or twice a week for years back when Jeff was in solitary confinement for his own protection. They even went so far as to get a hhorse water tank brought in to submerge Jeffery for baptism and so on. He was CONVINCED that Jefferey was SINCERE.

    Later, after Dahmer was murdered in prison, they found in his cell DOZENS of letters to and from dozens of women who are “death row groopies” that Jeffrey had kept up a correspondence with, promising undying love to each of them at the same time. The minister mentioned this in the last chapter of the book and was PUZZLED. He STILL thought that Jeffrey was sincerely converted but the minister could NOT FIGURE OUT why he had written all these lying letters. One of his “lovers” was so distraught when he was killed she had to be sedated.

    Talk about cog/dis, the minister wanted so badly to believe that he had “saved” Jeffrey that he ignored the evidence that Jeffrey was a psychopath and was STILL conning people just for the hail of it. His “conversion” was simply to fool the poor sinicere minister for giggles and to break up his day, to get him out of solitary and have someone to talk to that he could pull the wool over that guy’s eyes. LOL Same thing with the love letters to the dozens of women…oh, by the way, send me commissary money. LOL

    The Bible itself talks about people with “reprobate minds” who have NO chance of redemption, they ahve gone over the abyss and are so far down that they are hopeless. They are satisfied with their lives and their cons, proud of them. they do not want to be “saved” by anyone and frankly it is my belief that God does NOT force anyone to believe or change in this life time, but allows us all free will. But just like an alcoholic can drink to the point of brain damage and no return, a psychopath thinks themselves into the reprobate mind and no one, not even God can change them…because they do have free will and their will, in their minds, supercedes all other codes of conduct.

  9. Oh, and Truthy, I was shunned by this same congregation and labeled crazy while the 3 x convicted pedophile, Ken Hamilton, was embraced. His lies were believed and my EVIDENCE was labeled false, so I do not associate in any way with this group, which I think is more a COVEN than a christian church. They WELCOME the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and even it seems welcomes the wolves in wolves’ clothing.

    I am, unfortunately, not the only one that this group has devalued and discarded, while embracing the abuser. I am currently counseling another one of their discards who was totally unfairly targeted not only by the coven but also by her own family.

    Jesus tells his followers that we must forgive, but that doesn’t mean to be a door mat, it means to get the bitteress out of our hearts (I b elieve) and he also tells you how to handle someone who CONTINUES TO ABUSE YOU, and that is to try to talk to them, if that doesn’t work, then take witnesses, if that doesn’t work, go to the communnity, and if that doesn’t work, then TREAT THEM LIKE A HEATHEN, NOT EVEN TO EAT WITH THEM. Now if that does not sound like NO CONTACT, I do not know what does.

    There is lots of GREAT ADVICE in the Bible, not only for the believer, but for anyone. It is a “how to” book on how we should live a good and peaceful life to the best of our ability in my own opinion. There are several ACCURATE and good descriptions and examples of psychopaths and others with reprobate minds in the Bible as well.

    The woman I am counseling is very religious and I have found scriptures for ALL the advice I have given her, from “don’t worry” to “No contact” and believe it or not, in three sessions I ahve seen the improvement in her attitude, her grief, and what I believe is a bad case of PTSD.

    And as always, when you are helping someone else see these truths, you reinforce your own views as well to take care of yourself FIRST, and to meet your own needs. I’m just glad to have the opportunity to give her some support as this lady has no family left and she knows my situation and what that coven did to me as well, so she knows I know what she is experiencing.

    That’s the thing, Truthy, is that as we reach out a comforting hand to others, we are in turn comforted ourselves.

    Gratitude + acceptance + altruism =s a good life. We need all three of those things.

  10. Joyce- I can only question one thing about the church group that you mention. They seem to welcome in those who have committed such criminal acts and shun those who have not… Makes me wonder what each of them are hiding in their skeleton closet?

    They recognize the behavior because they have probably lived it themselves in some form or another. They forgive and forget, as they would hope others will as well when their own truth comes out. Birds of a feather? You’d better believe it.

    As for the rest of the article and the post- The rapist in the article in comment #2. That isn’t necessarily the cost of the rent, as much as it is the total cost of keeping an eye on him. Think about the wages of the officers, probation officers and everyone else involved in the paper trail of keeping track of the guy and yes, it is going to be pricey. But they are not only ‘protecting’ the community, they are protecting HIM FROM the community as well. Vigilante justice would certainly eliminate that cost involved and everyone could sleep better at night. Parents (momma bears included here), brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. would likely all go the distance to protect their family, children and friends from someone the likes of this sick minded creaton.

    And yes, he will likely recommit and go back to jail yet again. His record has shown that and it is proven in the courts already. Obviously something is NOT working there and the people in the community have every right to be upset with his release. How about those responsible for his release, house him in their neighborhood? Be responsible for his actions and ‘pay the price’ right alongside him when he is sent back to prison for the last time. That would be the only way we can expect a REAL change in the injustice system.

    • Phoenix, Corrections (prisons) is a huge, huge industry – there are so many people involved in a single convict’s case that it’s outrageous. For inmates such as a sex offender, there are the following (without fail, and without alteration):
      * prison guard(s) – annual average salary in most States starts at 60K ***NOTE: most prison guards exhibit high P traits, themselves, and walk a razor’s edge between babysitting inmates, and being and inmate, themselves
      * prison administration – annual average salary for prison administrators starts at 85K
      * prison psychologist – average salary runs $110 per hour (most of these people work one day or two just with inmates)
      * prison psychiatrist – average salary runs $145 per hour (same situation with psychologists)
      * medical personnel – prison nurses average an annual salary of 70K
      * medical treatment – this is individually based upon the “needs” of the inmate. If they are diagnosed with medical and/or psychiatric issues, their medications are provided at the cost of the taxpayers. This includes hormonal treatment and gender alterations, surgical procedures, dental care, etc.

      Then, the factor the cost of post-release “care” and monitoring – parole officers, counselors, psychiatrists, medications, medical care, dental care, group home costs, alternative housing, etc., ad nauseum

      The “Correctional” industry doesn’t care whether an inmate is rehabilitated, or not. It is generally acknowledged in all States (to my limited understanding) that a pedophile cannot and will not ever be “cured,” and that they are very likely to re-offend within scant months of their parole or release. THIS is what needs to be addressed: the ultra-obscene amounts of money spent on inmates.

      There was once a time when inmates were forced (tough sh*t, right?!) to engage in MANUAL LABOR, and this is not the case, anymore. Prisoners now have RIGHTS that are closely monitored for violations. I don’t believe that all inmates deserve all of the horrific experiences that they endure while they’re incarcerated, but prison should be just that: PRISON.

      When a convicted pedophile is released from prison, they should be tattooed on their forehead with the following: “PEDO.” Inhuman? Hardly – given the ghastly and permanent damages that they inflicted upon their victims. And, I have no use – none, nada, zip, zilch, zed – for ANY organization of any type that embraces people who cannot and will not be “cured.” There is no lightning bolt from heaven, no personal epiphany, no surgical procedure, no counseling therapy, and no likelihood that a pedophile will EVER stop what they do. That’s it, that’s all, and I don’t have to “like” that fact, at all, but I must accept it if I am to protect myself and the innocents who have no voices of their own.

      Oy-vey……….Holy mackerel………..RANT OVER! LMAO!!!

  11. And you are right Phoenix, that’s the only way we would get some real justice is if judges are accountable for their results…but that’s not going to happen under our system of law. Unless it can be proven a judge took a bribe, they are untouchable. and I do not see that being changed any time soon, if ever.

    Yes, he will/does need PROTECTION from the community as well…if I were him, I’d feel safer in jail.

  12. Good points Truthy, but in Arkansas today some inmates at least DO work like slave labor on the “company farm” raising cotton, vegetables and cattle and hogs, they also raise, break and train horses and dogs. Texas still puts all new inmates on the hoe squad, or for punishment they will go on the hoe squad. If there are not crops in the fields at that time, they will just have to beat the ground with the heavy hoes. Patrick ended up on a hoe squad for cursing the warden a few years back. But you are right in general most inmates do nothing but watch TV or read(if they can) and lift weights. Compared to decades past prison is pretty cushy now.

    I also agree about most of the prison personnel being high in P traits as well. I’ve met a few of them, one warden in particular that I thought was going to come for my throat across his desk as he threw me out of his office.

    But the fact is that within one study it was shown that 80 percent of ALL inmates would reoffend (and go back to jail) over the 20 years after being released the first time. I have no doubt that pedophiles is 110%

    • Joyce, my rant about the Corrections Industry was pretty much a rant – we need to have someplace to warehouse criminals, we simply do. But, you are 100% spot-on about re-offenders, particularly with pedophiles.

      Pedophiles don’t just have an unhealthy s-e-x-ual attraction to children, but an uncontrollable compulsion to destroy innocence and inflict harm. They know that their actions are over-the-top, illegal (at the very least). Still, they not only engage in their nefarious activities, but RELISH the hunt and final destruction of their victims. These people – the ones that have absolutely NO chance of redemption – need to be taken out of society for the rest of their natural lives. Whether they’re placed on an inescapable island somewhere in the South Pacific, or dropped in the middle of the Yukon with a Swiss Army knife and pad of matches, there needs to exist NO POSSIBILITY of their return to society. They cost too much to monitor, medicate, and manage, and it’s all money thrown out the window.

      And, I can hear the bleeding hearts, now, crying, “But, aside from THAT, look at what they provide to their communities!” REALLY?! As if someone else who isn’t going to target and destroy the easiest targets imaginable can’t do the same type of electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, or auto maintenance?!?! Sheeeeeeeeyit, I can’t wrap my head around the stupidity of the whole system.

  13. Yea there is this big “PC” policital push that we are being too harsh on sex offenders by putting them on a list and they have no where to live and ya da, ya da…well, frankly, in my opinion, I think sex offenders, REAL sex offenders, not the guy who was caught peeing against a dumpster drunk, but REAL offenders who RAPE, whether it is children or adults, male or female, and they should do REAL LIFE in a REAL prison.

    One guy just died in custody before he could be convicted, he was in his late 60s I believe….he had been caught communicating with some woman he thought was going to provide her 7 year old daughter too him…the “mother” though was a cop.

    These people do not age-out of pedophilia and many are still dangerous til they die.

  14. Just a thought-

    It’s been proven that pedophiles are hard wired differently?

    Tigers don’t change their stripes and pedophiles couldn’t even if they tried.

    • Phoenix, precisely!!!!

      And, in my “former life,” I guess I would have been one of “those people” that needed irrefutable “proof” for the hard-wired theory. Not anymore!

      Joyce has made this assertion, over and over, and it cannot be set aside or minimized: observe, watch, and listen. Even if there isn’t a blood panel for socoipathy, there is certainly proof of action. What these people are thinking within the borders of “Their Universe,” nobody can every really know. Even the trained professionals cannot agree what’s wrong with these people?

      Were they hard-wired to be pedophiles, at birth? Or, was there a predisposition for deviance that was fueled by their own molestation experiences? There’s really no way to ever truly “know” the answers to these (and, other) questions.

      But, what Joyce has also pointed out, repeatedly, is that these people know – on a cognitive and intellectual level – that what they are doing is legally WRONG, even if they can (in their warped minds) justify their actions as being “love” or “misunderstood.” They know this. Even non-pedophile sociopaths “know” that they are doing things that are either patently illegal or inappropriate and the results will be harm/damage to another human being. Still, they do what they do, fell no remorse, and forever blame their victims. “IF s/he hadn’t done ____________, I wouldn’t have ____________.”

      Nope………..they sure don’t change their stripes!

  15. I agree with you phoenix, there is scientific evidence through the fMRIs that the pedophile’s brain is “different” than “typical” as is the psychopaths’ brain.

    The question then arises, “can they help it?” “Are they responsible if they are wired differently?”

    Well let me ask this in return. Is a drug addict or a drunk responsible if they get behind the wheel of a car and kill or injure someone? No one MADE them take the drink or the drug, even though they may have some hard wiring and DNA that makes them more prone to break the law, none the less it does not REQUIRE them to break it.

    Okay, so I have a desire for children sexually, but I KNOW it is against the law, so I have two choices, suck itup, or break the law (and harm children). Law’s don’t stop people breaking them they just give us the power to punish them for doing so. And unfortunately a big portion of law breakers, sexual or otherwise, do NOT LEARN FROM PUNISHMENT, they continue to do what they want to do regardless of the laws against it.

  16. They know the differences between right and wrong, but how much of what they are doing is also giving them a level of duping delight? They might be offending to get their ‘fix’, but at the same time, part of that is knowing it is wrong but seeing how far they can go, how many times they can do this and what can I get away with? That’s their ‘high’, just as alcoholics drink, addicts use and gamblers play- pedophiles offend.

    That’s an interesting point you make Truthy, about the nature or nurture debate as to their actions being a result of hard wired from birth (nature) or a result of their own molestation (nurture). I imagine it’s probably a healthy dose of both in some cases.

  17. Truthy and Phoenix, no two individuals even identical twins have the same DNA and EXACTLY the same environment…even in the womb, the babies whose DNA is the same have different “environments” (the weight variation in twins shows that) but genetics does have a place in pedophilia I think just as it does in psychopathy, alcoholism, depression, other mental illnesses and physical ones too, such as diabetes. But environment writes on this slate of DNA to form the final outcome.

    From the research I have read in recent years the research on the human genome, brain studies, chemical and physical brain scans, etc. MUCH information has been gathered about the brains of people are NOT THE SAME and those differences can cause different things. They now have a brain scan that DIAGNOSES ADHD instead of just “guessing” that the kid has it by his behavior….some of the kids diagnosed and put on drugs by how they acted didn’t need drugs they needed a PARENT to control their behavior, now the ADHD kid can be truly diagnosed.

    People with autism, people who are obcessive compulsive and psychopaths can be identified by brain scans. I heard yesterday about a doctor working in prisons with psychopaths who is working to change the brain chemistry of the most violent offenders (most likely psychopaths) and is having some success with this. I am going to follow up on that tip about this guy and will let you all know about the success of this.

    Yes, psychopaths and pedophiles (and I personally think the majority of pedophiles ARE psychopaths) have no remorse for their crimes, but they do know they are crimes because they HIDE THEM.

    And you know something else….HALF of all sexual assault of children is by WOMEN. Yep, that’s the truth! A friend of mine, a licensed therapist, has a site for research on FEMALE offenders http://www.female-offenders.com/ This man also has a son in prison for killing a baby, so we both know the personal hell from having a family member who is a psychopathic killer.

    Yet, in spite of the evidence until recently at least NO one ever suspected a WOMAN of molesting a child….and even now, females who molest male children get less prison time than male molesters. And, according to Dr. Salter, most offenders have offended 150 or more times, some up to 300, before being caught the first time, so when they go to court they are NOT “first offenders”

    We had one case which I put an article up here on where a VERY elderly man was messing with his granddaughter, but the man was very senile. I don’t necessarily think that man was a molester before he became senile, but frequently elderly people who have little or no access to sexual aspects of being human when they become senile they behave inappropriately. One of my neighbors who was a good man, and would never have been inappropriate, when he became senile would grope his health care workers and so they threw him out of every nursing home in town.

    They have now been able to show with fMRIs that pedophiles will be aroused by the pictures of ONLY the face of children of the particular age they target.

    At some point in time, I think, I HOPE, that these tests may be used by law enforcement to pick out the people who are truly dangerous and will never never change.

  18. A really interesting op ed piece on pedophiles… http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/06/opinion/pedophilia-a-disorder-not-a-crime.html?_r=0 what it means and that NOT all pedophiles ACT on their attractions….and sure they keep their attractions to children secret because they fear that if they were open about it, even though they didn’t practice sex with children, that people would “look at them funny” or it would impact their lives.

    Those non acting pedophiles should seek therapy for their problems, though therapy will not “cure” them of the feelings or desires, it will help those to control their ACTIONS. But therapy is NOT PUBLIC and they don’t have to expose their thoughts or desires publicly.

    The fMRI scans show that pedophiles ARE hard wired different from people who desire sex with other adults (or at least people their own age if they are not adults) Psychopaths, bi-polar and ADHD are all “hard wired” as well, but there ARE treatments for bi polar and ADHD, and there are NOT successful treatments for pedophiles or psychopaths.

    Research has shown that ADHD, left handedness, bi polar and psychopathy are all related genetically. Of course if you have multiple “problems” it can make it harder for that person to control the urges. ADHD and/or Bi-polar (untreated) may be the difference between a non acting pedophile and one who can not or will not control the impulses. I also think that many (most) ACTIVE pedophiles are also psychopathic in their thinking.

    The fact is that a non practicing pedophile can live in public and actually not be a danger to children, a psychopath can live in public and not be a killer or a thief, but once they ACT on their impulses they should be in prison, and for a long time or they will act on them again. My son is a perfect example of a psychopath without impulse control, and so narcissistic that he thinks he can get away with anything.

    The fact is, according to Dr. Anna Salter, that most “first offender” pedophiles have 150-300 ACTS before they are caught the FIRST time.

    Pedophilia is not limited to men, either, but 50% of sexual offenses are committed by WOMEN, though very few of them are caught or prosecuted, though that is changing now as mroe and more women are being prosecuted for underage sex with girls or boys. In the past, the attitude about an older woman having sex with a teenaged boy was “the boy got LUCKY” while if a man had sex with an underage girl, then he was a rapist. That attitude is now changing for the better.

    http://www.female-offenders.com is a research blog about female offenders.

  19. I just read an article about a Missouri town (very small one) who is SUPPORTING a CONFESSED pedophile and BLAMING the VICTIM!!! UGHHHHHH!

    Missouri town supports pedophile father-of-seven and shuns his victim as he is jailed for abusing the girl 300 times starting when she was just five years old

    Darren Paden jailed for 50 years after admitting abusing girl for a decade
    Father-of-seven, 52, watched porn with the girl and forced her into sex acts
    But tight-knit town refused to accept his confession and shunned victim
    Girl, now 18, says people refused to look at her or talk to her in the street
    Meanwhile Paden’s supporters wrote to judge asking for lenient sentence

    By Chris Pleasance For Dailymail.com

    Published: 00:18 EST, 5 November 2015 | Updated: 08:43 EST, 5 November 2015

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3304723/Missouri-town-rallies-support-pedophile-father-seven-jailed-abusing-girl-300-times-starting-just-five-years-old.html#ixzz3qdrRZx1V

    You know, it amazes me how many small towns and organizations SUPPORT people who have been identified and CONVICTED of some sort of pedophilia.

    A man in my living history group, named jack Prat was convicted of child pornography and when he got out of prison he rejoined our group, and when I found out he had rejoined it, I went to the president of the group and he said, and I quote! “He’s paid his debt to society”—wellllll NOOOOOO! He should never be allowed around children. He had gotten a job at the local museum working with kids, when I informed his boss of his CRIMINAL record, he was let go, but he kept getting jobs working with children. I can’t believe that these organizations like 4-H and others don’t SCREEN for a criminal conviction at least, but they don’t always do so.

    For this town to blame the victim, and support their local pedophile, a CONFESSED ONE even, makes me shake my head in wonder

    • Joyce, it’s “common” for these communities to band together for “A Cause,” especially if they’re religious-based, generally speaking. We KNOW how people twist and warp doctrines into allowing and enabling all sorts of behaviors.

      What disturbs me so badly about the story that you mentioned is that we are moving in a social/cultural circle of “Everything’s GO.” Every type of s-exual deviancy is now “acceptable” and SJW (Social Justice Warriors) are demanding that everyone “accept” everyone else as they are, regardless of WHAT it is that they are. “Check your ______ privilege,” is the current slogan. The space can be filled with any term imaginable: white, thin, male, female, gender, financial, economic, social, religious, etc………..and, what it means is that MY personal beliefs are subject to scrutiny, regardless of what they are rooted in.

      Now, pedophiles are being touted as THINGS that can’t help themselves, by SJW’s. They “can’t help” the way that they are, so society is being OBLIGATED to tolerate their behaviors and destruction of children, as well as seeking a CURE for what ails them. Nobody, it seems, is willing to accept the fact that some people – MANY people – are precisely what they are and that they will, forever, remain WHAT they are, regardless of how many “chances” they’re given to reform or change.

      EUGH…………makes me shake my head, too.

  20. Pedophilia has been with us since man first walked the earth I think….but OUR national and state laws SANCTION and PROHIBIT the EXERCISE of this and label it a PERVERSION that is unacceptable to our culture and society.

    I actually don’t doubt that pedophiles are to some extent hard wired, maybe by genetics, maybe by environment or maybe by both. But it does not matter WHY they are what they are, the fact is that CHILDREN are harmed by them ACTING on their desires.

    I think every human living has had DESIRES that if carried out would have put them in prison…I know that I SURE HAVE…but because we have a conscience we stop ourselves from carrying out these ACTIONS on these desires.

    I don’t think that the threat of prison, jail, hanging, death penalty etc EVER (or hardly ever anyway) stops anyone from committing a crime, because they convince themselves that they are not going to get caught and sent to prison. Many times as well, if they have already been in prison, they aren’t afraid or it at all.

    The only good that prison does in my opinion is to keep them off the streets and protect the public from them while they are incarcerated. I wish I could say that it reforms any/many but I don’t think it does. And I don’t think that alternate forms of intervention rather than prison helps in any but the most minor offenses

    While I DO believe that people can change, or at least stop doing some ACT…it is the rare bird that I have observed changing because CHANGE is HARD WORK….it is like a diet to lose weight….slow and painful, one day at a time. And the PERSON MUST WANT TO CHANGE, SEE A BENEFIT IN CHANGE, and many people with “deviant” behaviors don’t want to change and see no benefit in change. DNA? ENVIRONMENT? BOTH? Probably.

    As for the community circling around the offender and “supporting” him, believing he is not guilty, punishing the victim? Well look at what the Catholic church did (does?) and PENN STATE protecting Jerry Sandusky, and Sandusky’s poor little old wife still believing in his “innocence” in spite of all the evidence…there are many many examples of folks protecting, covering up for, the offenders.

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