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Pedophiles never change — 78 Comments

  1. Dotty, I agree that recovering from an abusive episode is bad enough, but recovering from an abusive life is even more difficult and all of us have some abuse/abandonment in our back grounds. I am NOT blaming you for what your parents did, mostly I am trying to get across to you that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST, what abuses you suffered or who was to blame, you must move PAST those abuses into the NOW.

    Okay so you have some level of FAS, but you are articulate and you CAN move on past that. You can accept your limitations but they do NOT have to be a “label” that you apply to yourself and say “I can’t heal, think, make good choices, or whatever, because I have FAS which is not my fault, therefore I am a perpetual victim.”

    I grew up in a family where all the adults used tobacco, so I used tobacco, I was programmed genetically and socially to smoke, but I chose to smoke and got hooked at a young age. My bio father encouraged me to smoke and smoked like a chimney himself. But the CHOICE to smoke was mine and mine alone. My bio sons both grew up in a smoking household and neither of them smoked.

    You CAN move past the FAS, Dotty, I know you can.

    I wish you would read Dr Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” it is a small easy read book and it shows that NO MATTER WHAT WE HAVE ENDURED, we CAN choose to move past it. He studied the reactions of people in Nazi prison camps (he was an inmate) and observed how different people responded to the abuse. In main, some would turn their faces to the wall give up hope and die. Others would work with the Nazis against their own people in order to up their odds of surviving, and others when released became bitter and essentially said “well, what can you expect, I was abused therefore I am bitter” and a few others came out and said “Okay, I was abused but Ii will not be bitter, I will find meaning in the suffering and abuse and move on with my life.”

    The differences in these people? what made some do one thing and some do another? I don’t know, maybe something in their genetic make up, maybe starvation effecting their brains, maybe prior abuse or neglect, but it doesn’t matter…each one of these people made CHOICES in how to respond to the abuse.

    None of these people deserved what happened to them or could control it. But I read something the other day that was interesting.

    A woman who lives in Canada now, told how her father suspected the Nazis would target the Jews and he decided to walk out with his family, and he tried his best to convince his neighbors and friends and extended family to go with him. But they refused and one comment someone made to the woman’s father was “but what would we do with the furniture?” In retrospect that is so actually funny!

    Anyway, no one would go with them and they chose to leave everything behind except what little they could carry on their persons, and the woman remembered seeing her mother give a man her wedding ring for a ride across a river in a boat. They eventually made it to Canada and safety, but ALL their friends and extended family died in the prison camps.

    None of those people deserved to die. But they made a choice based on FALSE information. That choice cost them their lives.

    There is plenty of false information and liars out there who will seduce us if we are not careful, so we have to learn to prioritize what is important to us. First it must be ourselves. Then friends and family that are not abusive. I won’t go back to believing everyhting someone tells me.

    The story of the woman in Canada resonates with me because when MY life was threatened I didn’t want to leave my home, my farm, my livestock, my security was based on this place, but in the end, I too left my home and went into hiding, thinking at the time that I would never be able to return. Like the story of King David in the Bible, hiding in the wilderness from King Saul who was trying to kill him, I too learned that my security doesn’t depend on a single place or in what I own or have built. It depends on me making reasonable decisions about what IS important.

    My son Michael and I have chosen to stay here in our home now, and maybe that is a mistake because Patrick may send another ex convict to kill us, but we made the decision based on many issues, one of which is we don’t want to live in hiding the rest of our lives. In the information age it is too easy for anyone to find anyone else. So we chose to stay here and take reasonable precautions. If Patrick or his buddy break those and do get us, then our decision won’t have been the right one, but “the coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man but one.” I do not intend to let myself live in terror, though I did “fall off that wagon” here recently when I was doing the parole protest. I will do my best next time to not let that happen again. We take steps and we learn from it, but life has no guarantees.

  2. Joyce, no one “moves on” past FASD. Im not saying that a person with it can not ……make adjustments? Maybe make some improvements in some areas,,,,,It’s not something that goes away it’s not the same as cigarettes or other substances or an addiction, it’s brain damage to varying degrees and my being articulate has absolutely nothing to do with it. Being articulate is actually a common “trait” of FASD, LOL!!
    I am self educated for the most part. I graduated High school only and at the very bottom of my class of 250?ish. I was in the bottom 10-15 in grade average and I think they just let me go…..me and the jocks.

    These are fairly short articles. I really do not want to continue to debate about FAS and have it invalidated. It’s very hurtful and frustrating for me Joyce. I know the difference between a reason and an excuse and Im not using it as an excuse….maybe it comes across like I am but Im not.
    I am fairly sure that people who deal with FASD on a professional basis know what they are talking about. I know how it affects me. I have done my homework in this area from MANY sources and continue to do so. When I read it, it’s like Im reading about me. I am NOT affected in every possible area that one can be affected, no doubt. AND for the severity of my bio moms alcohol abuse, Im fortunate not to be more affected. My older bio sister got off fairly easy because out mother was arrested when she was pregnant with her and was kept away from alcohol during most of her pregnancy. My pregnancy she never even had any prenatal care and her drinking had escalated from her previous pregnancy with my sister. I believe she was 27 when she was pregnant with me.
    if I had a way, I could send you the diagnosis I was given at the beginning of the year.
    Am I going to give up? No…..Im not a quitter. but I am tired from swimming in quicksand. I’ve done it my whole life. I can’t tell you how defeated I feel sometimes but i am lucky to have a love of nature and animals that seems to keep me in the game.



  3. In regards to my “”choices”” as a child and teenager…this is something I just thought I’d throw out there………of course, once again….all of this is on a continuum. and once again, the development level I have now has been hard won and self taught by myself and through my life experiences. If you even knew a fraction about what my teen, young adult and adult drinking life involved, you would be as surprised that I am still alive as I am!
    I honestly feel like I’ve been a feather in the wind in so many ways.

    FAS and Moral Character
    © 2002 Teresa Kellerman

    Let’s talk about morality as it relates to FAS disorders. Moral character is one thing, and the ability to develop that is another. Consicence is related to morality in that we learn what is right and wrong from our parents, our spiritual leaders, our culture, and our laws. But the other part of that is the willingness and/or ability to act wisely with the knowledge of right and wrong.

    If a person has a healthy brain and has been raised in a healthy environment, and chooses to go against their conscience, then that person is to be held accountable for his/her behavior.

    If a person has been raised with abuse and/or neglect, or has had poor role models to learn from, it is harder to hold that person responsible.

    If the person was exposed prenatally to alcohol before birth (whether there is evidence of full FAS or not), then that person is at risk of having a neurologically stunted social development, resulting in what looks like immoral behavior. In reality, this is a faulty program of the brain, whereby the person does not have consistent control over behaving in a morally correct manner.

    Studies about morality will lead a student to learn about the different stages of moral development that a healthy individual goes through in life. Imagine that an adult has never had the capacity, physiologically, to grow beyond the childhood stage of conscience development? That is what we see with FAS, FAE and cases of alcohol exposure without any diagnosis.

  4. You are right, Dotty, whatever your reasons or excuses for your poor decisions, including but not limited to, staying in an abusive relationship, or for your doing drugs and drinking, this is not the forum to discuss FAS or to debate whether someone needs to “own” their poor choices. We have beaten the subject to death.

    If you believe that other people are responsible for your problems, I don’t see any way that you can change the past and make today’s problems go away. I certainly have nothing to offer you in the way of advice that you seem to agree with.

    Healing requires that we focus on the NOW, not on the past, except to see where we made errors or mistakes in judgment, so that we will not repeat them in the future.

    We need to recognize what our needs are, our healthy needs and desires, and focus on how to get those needs met. You have obviously validated your own FAS symptoms or syndrome and dont’ need me to validate it for you.

    I hope that you can find a counselor that will understand where you are coming from and help you get to where you want to go. Sometimes counselors don’t tell us what we “want to hear” and we think they don’t understand because we are not in a space that we are receptive to something that we don’t want to hear. It is painful to admit to ourselves that we are flawed humans, I know it was for me.

    The article I put up today about forgiving ourselves was a milestone for me. Helping me to let go of the past bad decisions (whatever their basis was) and move on to living life to its fullest TODAY. Focusing on our deficits rather than our assets isn’t productive I don’t believe. I’ve been on both sides of the clipboard, both the counselor and the client. I frequently had to tell clients things they did not want to hear. Some listened and some didn’t. If a client didn’t listen I sometimes took it personally, like I had failed them, but I finally came to realize that my job was only to give clients the tools and tool belt to fix their own problems and if they chose not to like the tools I gave them, then that was not my problem.

    Each of us is responsible for our own healing path. Support and validation from others is nice sometimes, but in the end we must validate what we see as truth, even if no one else believes it. I hope you find peace and happiness, Dotty.

    None of us are here because we have always acted in a healthy manner, we are here because we did NOT act in a healthy manner in dealing with someone who was an offender (arrested or not) and our focus needs to be on HOW TO HEAL, not “why we can’t heal.”

    Educating ourselves on positive ways to heal and deal with the disappointments we’ve had, making good decisions based on TODAY, not yesterday, should be the focus of anyone who has suffered emotional or physical trauma from an offender.

  5. Joyce…..If you believe that other people are responsible for your problems, I don’t see any way that you can change the past and make today’s problems go away. I certainly have nothing to offer you in the way of advice that you seem to agree with.

    Im not saying that any one other than me is responsible for changing my situation NOW. I’m the only one who can do that NOW. I have to keep myself safe NOW. Im not saying that I can’t do my best now to heal. Somehow something has gotten turned into something I’m not saying or thinking…..This format is tricky that way.
    Hugs Joyce

  6. Stories lilke the following one from the Huffington post make my blood boil.

    MILWAUKEE — Clergy sex abuse victims have long accused the Archdiocese of Milwaukee of spending more money on lawyers to protect itself than to care for those who suffered at the hands of abusive priests. An Associated Press analysis of documents released this week found most of the $30 million the archdiocese paid out through mid-2012 went to victim settlements and therapy, but the bulk of it went to just a few victims – while hundreds of others got no money at all.

    The archdiocese released the records as part of a deal with victims suing it for fraud in federal bankruptcy court. The documents cover 88 settlements worth at least $6.6 million and provide the first detailed look at which victims were paid, how much and when. Until this week, the archdiocese had only released annual totals.

    The records support victims’ longtime claim that Wisconsin for many years was among the more difficult states for them to get compensation. The main reason was a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling in 1995 that made it nearly impossible to hold the church responsible for its priests’ actions. The court said the church was protected from negligence lawsuits by the First Amendment. No longer afraid of litigation, the archdiocese established a no-settlement policy that lasted until the national clergy abuse scandal erupted in 2002.

    I’m not even catholic, but am a Christian, and it is unbelievable to me that any organization who called itself Christian would treat victims so badly, and cover up for the pedophiles that injured them.

    The only thing that keeps me from going ballistic is the fact that I believe that these people, the abusers and the ones who covered up for them will meet a just God who will not allow them to “cover up” their crimes.

    • The thing that sickens me is that when they are not properly convicted and stopped, they will do it again before God gets them. It’s so disgusting.

  7. You know that Jerry Sandusky thing made me want to puke…then when it came out that Old Joe was protecting him…it made me even sicker, at least those two who were also in on the cover up were prosecuted, and well they should be.

    I know it is tricky with a religious organization, but it has been shown that the cover up went all the way to the Vatican….and the corruption there doesn’t stop at covering up for pedophiles. They just got another one on financial fraud and money laundering.

    I firmly believe that some of these church higher-ups should be prosecuted for their covering up as well as hiding assets so that victims couldn’t collect on judgments.

    If this was just a case of one or two rogue priests and as soon as it was discovered they were defrocked and turned in to the police, that would be one thing…but to COVER IT UP is in my opinion EQUAL to the pedophile’s crimes.

    • Somehow, Joyce, I feel like the cover up is worse. For me, when I learned that law enforcement was helping him abuse me, it shocked me worse than to know what he was.

      • Sky, betrayal is bad enough on it’s own. When so many people are involved in perpetrating a betrayal, it’s shocking at the very least. I felt the same way when I recognized the interior of some of the photo images that the exspath took of his………Mistress. Not only were several people aware of what he was doing with this woman, but they provided him a “safe” and secret location to engage in his activities.

        Yes, it is shocking and it shakes one’s core beliefs down to their foundations.

        • I completely understand the far reaching effects of this experience. The difficulty of getting through this doesn’t just stop at “oh, Im broken hearted because Im disappointed that the relationship ended and wasn’t what I thought it was”. It’s like the whole world has been turned on it’s head. Like I said, I’ve been in bad relationships before and even with someone who was a liar liar pants on fire. But this guy is something I wasn’t even aware existed. I don’t know WHY I wasn’t aware! Seemingly these losers are everywhere and I’ve not lead a sheltered life. I guess I’ve just been lucky but it seems that with the potential damage these monsters can do to people, on so many levels, I would think it would be front page news material..

  8. One of my “theories” about the betrayal being as bad or worse than the act of what they did, at least in our feelings, i s that WE TRUSTED THEM and were betrayed, and now HOW CAN WE TRUST OURSELVES AGAIN, we were not able to “see through” them, so it makes us feel more vulnerable. I think the NOT TRUSTING OURSELVES any more is a big component. Just Joyce’s theory but I think learning to TRUST myself not to be taken in again by a love bomb or a deceptive person who pretends to be “holy” or “helpful” was a big problem,.

    I don’t GIVE our trust until I see that people are trust WORTHY any more.

    • Joyce, you’re spot-on, 100%. I have felt that I cannot trust my own judgement, on every level. I have to sort this out on a daily basis, and what I am discovering is that leaving the emotional connections OUT of the equation is probably the ONLY way that I can “trust.”

      As an example, a “friendship” with the gal that I went to the craft event with is proving, more and more, to be something OTHER than a friendship. The woman’s behaviors are NOT consistent with “friendship,” when she gangs up against me during that event, with my having NO means to leave, escape, or get away. When this same woman gives me odd jobs for money, I’m now being placed at a subordinate and obligated level – I NEED the income, but in order to earn the income, I’m tolerating passive/aggressive behaviors that, again, are inconsistent with true “friendship.”

      Trust is a vital a precious thing, and I am completely in agreement that I have to observe positive affirmation that someone is WORTHY of MY trust before I simply give it to them. I do not “trust” anyone who opens a conversation with, “I’m a nice guy/gal,” or, “You can trust me.” Why would anyone even vocalize that they are “nice” and that I “can trust” them? Well, to place a predetermined belief in my head, of course!

  9. I saw part of a special 20/20 edition last night, and this man who was a famous hand surgeon who was arrested for trying to choke an airline steward because he got mad had a LONG HISTORY of abuse with all his wives (4) and even in court he was violent. He beat wife #3 so badly the photos were terrible and he was arrested for that as well. Not sure what sentence he got, but he has gone to jail several times, and lost his medical license.

    Wife #4 was being interviewed about how he “love bombed” her for a year then as soon as she married him, the gloves came off. She stayed with him anyway, hoping he would go back to being “mr. nice guy” and even had two children with her, but when she was 7 months preg with their second child he beat her severely and even tried to kill the child by beating her stomach. The DA prosecuted him but the jury left him off when the defense lawyer painted her as a “gold digger” which I don’t think she was.

    This woman, like you and many many others, stayed with the abuser hoping to appease them until something happens that makes it seem easier to escape. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to the point of escape before they get killed.

    Someone has said “when people SHOW you what they are, believe them, the FIRST TIME”

    I don’t think truer words have been spoken. SHOW YOU! Not say to you. SHOW. When something that someone does SHOWS us that they have malice in their hearts, we need to believe them. Sometimes it is a boss, and we need our job, and can’t afford to just up and quit, but at the same time, we can START to look for alternate jobs ASAP.

  10. I live in Jacksonville, FL & watched the Cherish Periwinkle story unfold. I was surprised to find out that this evil person was not even labeled sexual predator, but was given the “lesser” label as an offender; just released from prison, with no probation. No checks in place at all. The ball was really dropped, ending in the worst tragedy. One of his neighbors said that he put a stuffed animal on his dashboard shortly after he moved in & she couldn’t believe it ,as one of his previous convictions involved luring children into his van. How did someone so obvious slip through the system?

    • Daisy, welcome to FamilyArrested and I don’t have an answer for why a predator slips through the cracks of justice.

      When someone is convicted of a crime, their families are expected and encouraged to back these people up with the vain hope that the support, encouragement, and love will be enough to cause the offenders to turn themselves around. This is a horribly flawed approach, and unreasonable, on every level.

      With predators of children, THERE IS NO REHABILITATION, ever, ever, ever, ever. Even if a predator is castrated (chemically OR surgically), they still predate children. They will sexually harm a child using objects if they’ve been castrated – it’s been a proven FACT. Yet, the facts of human predators of children are systematically ignored.

      I don’t have an answer for why our society and culture still allows predators of children OUT from behind bars. Regardless of all of the legislation that has been named after one child or another who was murdered by a human predator, NO amount of new legislation will address the irrefutable facts ABOUT human predators. I’m not talking about some teenager smoking weed – I’m talking about men and women who target, lure, and harm children for their own purposes and entertainment. THESE PEOPLE need to be removed from society on a permanent basis after the FIRST offense.

      There is no pill, no elixir, no surgery, no psychiatry, no counseling therapy, and no spiritual epiphany that will “treat” or manage predators of children. There just isn’t. And, the “justice” system simply chooses to pretend that there is.

  11. Welcome, DAisy, You make a great point…we just had a guy here in Arkansas where I live released on parole when there was a “hold” on him for another crime…and 12 days later, he killed an 18 year old boy….the man had a record of violence a mile long.

    Our parole system is unfortunately totally out of control….our criminal justice system is CRIMINAL in my opinion. Just like that 18 year old boy who has been in jail since march for making a snide sarcastic joke about shooting up a school o n face book, and looking at 8 years, and many times rapists or murderers get less time.

    I was reading an article today about people who murder their spouses and the different sentences they get. Men get much less time for murdering their spouse during an altercation than women who murder an abusive spouse because it is ASSUMED that they “could just leave.”

    There is nothing known in the legal system about how the abused woman thinks or why she stays until she is forced by circumstances to kill her spouse.

    As for this guy, well, it is more typical than not of pedophiles to continue to offend. They NEVER STOP. Why the law even gives them a second chance I will never know.

    The man my son sent to kill me was convicted 3 times of violent pedophilia and got out and reoffended twice after the first time….his parole officer here iin Arkansas after he was arrested for trying to kill my son DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HE WAS A SEX OFFENDER. The parole board had tried to parole him after about 10 months of the 3 yrs he got for attempted murder—the charge was plead down to felon with a fire arm…but they were going to release him to a half way house, which in Arkansas is illegal, and they approved his parole until I protested that if they put him in a half way house I would be on that night’s TV news programs. He got out in about another 5 months.

    So this guy is not unique in what the parole boards did. I hope those people never sleep again.

  12. Daisy, thank you for sharing your story I posted it under SHARE YOUR STORY.

    I hear the pain in your story, and I empathize with you. Many people here have suffered in abusive marriages, and there are some who have shared their stories as well and written a couple of articles on domestic violence.

    The desire to help others is not bad, but at the same time, it makes us “easy targets” for predators. We get a feeling of satisfaction in helping the underdog, that’s normal and natural, but at the same time, some of us go over board in doing this, and because of that we are taken advantage of.

    I recently tried to help some people who live near me and are down and out…I gave them some help by giving them some work to tear down an old mobile home for the scrap, and they agreed to clean up the mess left. well they took the easy more valuable scrap and left the mess. LOL I wasn’t surprised however, and actually I’m not even mad at them. They did get some of it torn down and so my son and I won’t have to do the whole job ourselves. But they did take the scrap worth some money. Not a lot of money, but some.

    I have come to the point that I realize that “you can give people things, but you can’t help them, they must help themselves” These people will always live hand to mouth, literally, yet they buy cigarettes….they can’t afford food, their water is cut off because they can’t pay the bill, their electric is cut off for the same reason. I gave them food and took them 50 gallons of drinking water…but I couldn’t help them, but I did what was right and I didn’t get hurt financially very much, so I feel okay about it.

    In the past though, I have allowed “friends” to abuse me, steal from me and given them another chance. Well…no more. I don’t loan money to people unless I figure I will never see it again, if it comes back, okay, if not, okay too. Jesus said to “loan and not expect repayment” to “give and not expect repayment” and that’s the way I do but I don’t leave myself open to being greatly used or abused financially or otherwise.

    I took in a woman here on the farm who was homeless, she had a small RV and I gave her a place to park safely and offered to help her find work. well, she didn’t intend to find work, she wanted me to support her, so when I saw the way things were I asked her to leave. It turned out checking her back ground that she was a con person, and probably a psychopath.

    Psychopaths are adept at presenting themselves as “victims” when in fact, their victim got away and so they accuse that person in a smear campaign of being the abuser.

    Just as Nigella’s husband blamed her for not supporting him and denying that he abused her…well, that man appears to me from what I have read about him to be high in psychopathic traits. Blame the victim. she is also a “people pleaser” and that makes her ripe for becoming a victim because she does not have appropriate boundaries. I didn’t have boundaries, many of us didn’t, but by developing boundaries and setting limits on how we allow others to treat us, we may be painted as the “meanine” and smeared.

    Thank you for sharing your story Daisy. Welcome to family arrested. There’s some good folks here to offer you support. God bless.

  13. A blogger just sent me the following article ab out a pedophile who spent 18 years in prison for raping a 3 yr old, got out, registered as a sex offender and was recently caught taking photographs of children in a changing room at Wal Mart…one of the children’s parents caught and held him until police came to arrest him.


    Smith was convicted of first degree child rape in 1990 for raping a 3-year-old child and spent nearly 18 years in prison followed by one year of supervised release.

    According to court documents, Smith was given an exceptionally long sentence for his 1990 rape. At the time prosecutors argued the age of his victim and the injuries she suffered qualified Smith for the longer sentence.

    He is a registered sex offender but is listed as a transient.

    This is more proof that PEDOPHILES NEVER CHANGE….and giving him a “longer than usual sentence” for raping an infant is NOT GOING TO STOP HIM when he gets out. They return to molestation as soon as possible. When will our “justice system” realize that people who rape children are not going to be safely released into society again? EVER safe?

    This story just makes my skin crawl.

    • Joyce, thanks for posting the link – my skin crawls right onto the top of my head and quivers like a container of jello……….

      Irrefutable data clearly presents that pedophiles cannot be “treated” and “cured,” by ANY means. Chemical or surgical castration has NO effect upon their compulsion to target, abuse, and destroy a child. If they don’t have a functional organ that will do the job, sexually, then they’ll use an object that’s handy.

      THESE PEOPLE DO NOT DESERVE understanding, comfort, or compassion. They cannot and will not EVER stop what they do. And, I have no hopes for our “justice system” to put these people UNDER the prisons, instead of just IN them.

      • They need to be confined for sure, and I believe for life. Especially those who target very young children (pre-pubescent) The Jerry Sanduskys of this world.

        The man (woman) who has sex with a 16 yr old who looks 20 may be another issue….except in the case of a teacher who KNOWS the age of the student.

        But those like this man who raped a 3yr old!!!! LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.

      • Truthy,
        I think it is a measure of compassion to understand that pedophiles can’t or won’t change. And it’s compassion to keep them from re-offending through whatever means available. It’s compassion for them and for their targets when they are kept away from society.

        • Sky, I never thought about it as “compassion” except for their potential victims…but you are right there and it is compassion even for the criminal to prevent him/her from reoffending.

          We tend to think of pedophiles as men, but if you look at the female offenders blog, you will see that there are a great number of female offenders as well. It seems it is only recently that the female offenders have been “outed” and are being arrested, tried and convicted fairly frequently now.

  14. Here’s an article from the UK about a pedophile who was seeing a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist thought he was a danger, so called police, and the man had violated his sex offender release status, and had been making photographs of children, buying children’s underwear etc. and still the judge did not put him in prison. DUH???


    The UK’s sentencing, even for murder and rape is much different from the US with “life” definitely not being “real life” but only a very few years.

  15. Skylar, what an interesting insight on “compassion.” I “feel” the need to protect children from predators, especially pedophiles, and it seems that the justice system is failing at every step. Children, of all age groups, do not have a voice – no advocacy, options, or protection except from parents who keep their eyes and ears open, and don’t fall into a state of denial. Perhaps, it IS compassionate to send pedophiles away for the rest of their lives – for the victims, and potential victims.

    Joyce, I do NOT understand anything, anymore. I will never be able to understand WHY pedophiles are even released, once they’ve been convicted – there is NO CURE for what ails them, and they WILL re-offend. I just don’t understand it, and I never will.


  16. Truthy, when I was a kid in my state rape conviction meant most times life without parole, or even the death penalty…then it was thought that this sentencing was too harsh and rape started to be punished less harshly. I am not sure why, but I actually think maybe because it was thought in some cases at least “she asked for it” or was partly responsible, or lied about her age and then screamed “rape” when she got preg….anyway, the potential sentences were changed to a period of incarceration. However, with the rape of very young children (lets say below 12) I think it should be life without parole….with “stranger” rape where someone is abducted,…again, life without parole…for rape of a minor who was willing by someone near their age, but legally an adult, a period of time, say from 5-30 years. But then I don’t write the laws. Or impose the sentences.

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