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Jail Corruption in Baltimore — 17 Comments

  1. Joyce, remember, Spath’s play their cards close to their chests. They never tell others what they’re intentions are. They build an entire scenario of fairy tales around the person(s) they are conning. It isn’t until the Spath is through with their victim(s) does the light of truth come trickling in. If red flags start going off in the victim. The Spath ensures their victim not to believe their gut instincts. Throw those thoughts out of your mind … knowing those gut instincts are warning the victim that there is a predator in their space. The Spaths of this world, and there are millions of them that walk among us …. are the kings and queens of deception(s). The more they deceive, the better they become at their craft of lies. It’s easy for them to live the lie and they love to con those that live righteously.

  2. Wini, I agree with you totally, and to see these women deceived so easily makes me cringe. Some of them that did it totally for the money apparently had their eyes wide open and were not deceived by the offenders at all.They were just like the offenders in prison, they were just greedy. Like you said, and the Bible says “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Some of the women seemed to be deceived and thought that they were cared about by this man (these men?). “Evil companions corrupt good morals.” So we must not be deceived by associating with evil people or believing their lies. We must shy away from them.

    • Joyce, we see them because we already were forced to deal with them in our past knowing the damage they leave in their wake. It’s frustrating, I know, but, we can’t force people to see what we know about them. Unfortunately, everyone has to go at their own pace with a Spath. I pray they remember God is always with them and will never leave them. If I remembered God’s promises when I went through my horror story with my bosses, I would have given my problems with my bosses immediately over to Jesus and asked Him to handle my (our) problem(s) as He promised. I’m ashamed to admit, I’m guilty of focusing on the ways of the world instead of ALL Jesus’ truth on this matter. I didn’t make that same mistake when I found out my Ex fiance lied to me from hello to goodbye and took from me everything I worked for. I handed that problem of what he did over to Jesus immediately.

      • Wini, for those of us who have faith in God it can be a great support in helping us cope with the injuries done to us by offenders who target us.

  3. Joyce,

    While reading your article, I remembered how D. mailed a letter to me from jail. In it, he directed me to contact the owner of the vehicle that he “borrowed” (stole), asking her to drop the charges. He wrote out the name of the woman – I didn’t know her from adam. Needless to say, I never would have contacted the lady because what D. did, was wrong. To this day, he blames his actions on having “a complete mental breakdown.,” being skeptical of this excuse. I personally did not appreciate D. even “asking” me to do such a thing, even thinking that I would “help” him in such a way. What a jerk.

    • Well, actually, Bluejay, you would/could have been accused of “witness tampering” or intimidating a witness and that could have been a federal crime. This is how they get those in their families to participate in their crimes through the “back door.”

      The mother of a friend of my son’s is “protecting” her x husband who stole money from her son via college loans that he took out in the son’s name and kept the money by fraud, because if she turned him in he would lose his job and would go to jail and she would lose child support. He is at least making the payments on the student loans but in the meantime her son can’t go to college because he can’t get student loans because his father maxed out his student loan eligibility.

      Of course your x blames his problems on others, never himself. It is always someone else’s fault not theirs. It was my fault that Patrick went to jail in Florida because I called the police, not his fault for robbing our friend’s business.

      It was my fault he had to steal to support himself in the first place because if I had given him the money to live in an apartment, he wouldn’t have had to steal (he was 17 at the time). LOL Always someone else’s fault, or circumstances, never theirs.

      I’m glad that you were wise, Bluejay, and didn’t fall for his attempt to get you to participate in his crimes. It might not have seemed like “much” at the time, but it would have been breaking the law, and we must avoid doing anything that breaks the law or we will wind up in the same boat as the offenders. Once we set a toe across that line we are there with them and they will drag us down with them. It is what they do. Good for you, Bluejay!!!

    • BlueJay,
      I hadn’t even thought of it like that but Joyce is absolutely right and your ex-spath probably intended for you to suffer exactly those consequences.

      How vile. He was guilty and was trying to slime the guilt on you. Absolutely classic spath behavior.

      At least he landed in jail by himself and you didn’t allow him to drag you with him.

  4. Joyce,

    He’s still breaking laws, unfortunately. You get sick of their shenanigans. What I’d like to say to the ex is, “grow up and knock it off. Stop acting like a juvenile delinquent.” “Heh, here’s a concept – act your age!” Peace.

  5. Unfortunately, Bluejay, by the time they are “mature” adults, the chances of them reforming are somewhere between “slim and none” not because they do not know “right from wrong” but simply because they are impulsive and do not accept responsibility for their actions or the consequences of them.

    Just as your x stole a vehicle and said he “borrowed” it and then wanted YOU to “fix” it for him, he is like a young child who makes a mess and wants “mommy” to clean it up for him. He is not wanting to accept responsibility for the mess he made. Of course as an ADULT we ARE responsible for the messes me make. As long as he is not willing to be responsible, to assume adult thinking, to be selfish, egocentric, to not care what his actions do to others, then he is going to hurt others.

    People who hurt others are not people that we want to be involved with. That sounds very SIMPLE, and basically it IS VERY SIMPLE when you get to the bottom of it, People who rob, steal, lie, cheat, are irresponsible, etc. are not people we can TRUST. If we can’t trust someone, why on earth would we want to have a relationship with them?

    Does it matter if they are our sons/daughters? fathers? mothers? x husbands/x wives? sisters? brothers? or just what the relationship is? Not really! Now “family” SHOULD be important of course, but if the relationship of love is ONE SIDED, we can’t let them USE US for criminal purposes. We can’t allow them to get us involved in their criminal activities just because we love(d) them. It may hurt us to realize that they are willing to get us involved in illegal acts, that their “love” for us is not real, because people who really love you would not ask you to do something illegal. Love is caring, love does not hurt others. So we can see that if someone tries to involve us in something illegal, they do not really love us, no matter what they SAY. “Love” is not a squishy feeling, LOVE IS AN ACTION VERB, IT IS HOW YOU TREAT SOMEONE.

  6. Joyce, although this article is thoroughly disturbing, it’s no “surprise.” The exspath is an employee at a State DOC and these facilities are a hotbed of drama/trauma and some of the most repulsive of human behaviors.

    It doesn’t take much to become a prison guard. A short “course” of training and passing a rudimentary exam to make sure that the candidate can read, write, and count. There are a host of “rules” that are covered, but prisons are simply warehouses, for all intents and purposes. There is no TRUE rehabilitation, although there is access to all manners of education and resources. Some of the “jailhouse lawyers” are more astute than an actual attorney that has passed the Bar Exam. The inmates are conniving, manipulative, and disordered, and the guards are JUST as disordered as the inmates. There were several guards over the years that I was still married to the exspath that lost their jobs because they broke the “rules” and were caught. The problem, as far as I can see, is that once a person is given a badge of ANY sort, they are inexorably drawn into the life of corruption – it is a very rare situation that a prison guard is immune to the drama/tauma.

    I have a personal view of the women who become involved with inmates – inmates are “safe” because they are behind bars for many, many years. Inmates develop some very strong sexual and romantic language with which they lure their female targets in, and these women “feel” that they actually have POWER over these inmates. It is an unseemly and very toxic game of seduction that the females actually believe that they have control over, and nothing could be further from the truth.

    The old addage is proven to be true over, and over: Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely.

  7. Truthy, I agree with your assessment 110%! In my years of visiting Patrick in prison I have observed that the guards don’t seem much better than the inmates.

    They engage in smuggling in things for the inmates, such as cell phones, which can lead to escapes, drug deals, ordering “hits” and other violent and illegal activities and allow gang members to continue to run their criminal enterprises from inside prison.

    Of course, what person with any education or brains would WANT such a job, voluntarily going to prison every day? Associating with such scum?

    The guards have never had such “power” and “control” in their lives and now they are “sir” and “Mam” and they feel like they are powerful and are “respected” even if it is by the scum of the earth. I can see how these women from this background would be easy targets for these men.

    Money may be the root of all evil as the Bible says, but power and control is right up there with it and for the first time in their lives these guards think they are “powerful” and are “somebody” when in fact, by smuggling in contraband and breaking the rules they are giving UP their power. They are giving it to the convicts.

    Betsy Wright who was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff when he was governor of Arkansas was caught here a couple of years back trying to smuggle stuff in to death row here in Arkansas and prosecuted. WHY for goodness sakes? Tattoo needles and stuff like that? My guess is that it was some sort of “love fraud.” She was publicly prosecuted, no jail time, but public humiliation and exposure.

    But I don’t think if they paid $100,000 a year they could get “good” people to work in the prisons, I think they would still get riff raff, it is a dangerous job, and a job that no sane person would want. Associating with psychopaths all day would drive anyone to drink if they started out sane. LOL Now there may be a few “sane” people working in the prison systems as officers, but my bet is that they are few and far between. Associating with offenders day in and day out has got to have some bad effects on a person. Look at the Stanford Prison experiment link (on the left under Prisons) and you will see what being a guard or a prisoner does to people in short order. It changes the way people perceive themselves and others. It changes the way they treat others.

  8. PS In reading the history of the prisoners who were transported to Australia in Robert Hughes’ book “Fatal Shore” I noticed that most of the prison administrators seemed to be full fledged psychopaths, even for their day and culture, devising the most horrific tortures that you can imagine for these inmates, most of whom would not even be considered “criminals” by our laws today. These tortures made the Nazis seem like sweethearts, if you can believe that. Of course there were prisoners who were true offenders and convicts, but the majority were simply poor and if they stole it was food. Many were children.

    I’ve also read about the Civil War prisons and how the inmates were treated, as well as the Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas prisons which were the worst, even up into the 20th century. They are not greatly improved now from what I hear. The movie “Brubaker was based on Arkansas prisons where in the 1960s inmates were hooked up to the “Tucker Telephone” and had their genitals shocked with an old crank telephone battery. 138 bodies of “missing” prisoners were exhumed by Mr. Murton who had been appointed by Governor Rockefeller to clean up the prisons. The stories would fill 20 volumes of abuse.

    All this, corruption on both sides of the blanket, and yet, families are still encouraged to take these men and women back into their homes over and over and over. Even after my son Patrick became a murderer I was willing to do the same thing. It took him trying to kill ME before I realized that there was no hope for him, that he truly was/is a psychopath and that there truly IS NO HOPE for someone like him to change. The only hope for me is to hope and pray that he is kept in prison and doesn’t find another of his “friends” to send after me. But I will live cautiously, though I am determined not to live in terror. Sometimes I fall, and do become afraid, and that is when I must put my faith in my God and Mr. Colt.

  9. I’m not sure why this profanity nanny ###’d out the word above, it was not a “profane” word, but the common generic medical term for what is between your legs, gen i tals. LOL so in future posts of mine if you see ### don’t assume I have used a “dirty word.” LOL

  10. They age chronologically while focusing on the lies of satan, but, never mature righteously, the way Jesus teaches us. Big difference.

  11. UPDATE:
    Another bunch of women jailers were arrested for the corruption inside the Baltimore jail.

    Almost 30 Baltimore corrections officers have now been indicted on federal charges for working in cahoots with members of a notorious prison gang to peddle drugs, phones and sex inside the city’s jail.

    The new indictment this week adds 14 more officers to the group of 13 who were indicted in April, bringing the total to 27.

    The controversy reads like a script from the HBO crime drama, The Wire, but the US Attorney’s office for Maryland

    says it has gone too far for too long.

    ‘Correctional officers were in bed with BGF inmates,’ said U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

    One of the guards even had the name of the Black Guerilla Family gang leader, Tavon White, 36, tattooed on her wrist,.

    White had a sexual relationship with four female jail guards while he was incarcerated, according to an indictment.

    Another female officer reportedly had his name tattooed on the back of her neck.

    He allegedly fathered five children with the female guards, who were identified as Jennifer Owens, 31, Katera Stevenson, 24, Chania Brooks, 27, and Tiffany Linder, 27.


    This story I know is NOT unique in this jail…every prison Patrick has been in has had instances of this kind of thing, but it doesn’t usually make the papers or be prosecuted. Patrick even had an affair with a female major. I met her in the visiting room and you could see the “looks” between them. I never understood why a married, attractive female major would want to risk everything to have sex with an inmate. Maybe she was an adrenaline junky and got off on the risky behavior. Who knows for sure.

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