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Psychopath Night — 9 Comments

  1. I will have to watch it when I get a chance. Sometimes it is better that there is not too much ‘back story’ to clog the minds of the viewer, but also to offer you, the parent, spouse, child or friend of the offender.

    • Sorry, I clicked post, before I had typed out my whole train of thought… lol

      …but also to offer you, the parent, spouse, child or friend of the offender some privacy. I can respect that. Not everyone needs to know everything.

  2. Well, I think it would have helped if they had said “she believes her son is trying to find someone to kill her” otherwise, how could he be a “danger” to me with him IN prison, it sort of I thought made me look unrealistically “paranoid”

    As far as my “back story” you know I am at a point in life now that I could give a rat’s hind parts about who knows what. You know, I am not the one who should feel shame, but my son should, and he sure does not…he feels pride.

    But over all I thought the film was interesting and that it might capture the audience’s attention

  3. I liked the film, Joyce. I don’t think it made you look paranoid at all. What they were trying to do was to juxtapose your position with the mother who was still trying to support her psychopath son. A film about psychopaths would not be complete without a section on mothers, since psychopaths all blame their mothers for everything.

    So I think that’s why they left out the piece on Hamilton, since it would take the story on a different trajectory. That’s the thing about film, it has a limited time frame and they need to say what needs to be said at that point.

    On the negative side, it really did leave out a lot of information and is more about sensationalizing psychopathy. That said, it was very effective. I know this because on the day it came out in Britain, my site got hammered with google searches from Europe. Stats showed a huge avalanche of traffic for several days. People were trying to learn more about psychopaths because of this TV show. So I’m glad of that.

  4. It’s a tricky path, doing any kind of interview, be it for a movie, documentary, tv shows or whatnot. The guys in the editing room can make you look like things you’re certainly not. Leaving out some details to ‘help you’ save face in one respect, may make you come across as any number of things and not usually in a flattering way.

  5. I knew there was some risk in going for the interview and having no control over how I was presented. They did express worry about accusing Hamilton of being sent to kill me because he was never CONVICTED of that…and I know that there are time constraints.

    I also know that the closer you are to any news report, the more you know it is usually not all that close to the truth so I take all news reporting and journalism with a LARGE grain of salt. LOL Even on a low sodium diet. LOL

    The main reason I wanted to do the film though is that it would “legitimize” me if I had to use the part of the film about me to show the parole board. My attorneys said they wouldn’t watch more than about 3-5 minutes of video but you know, that’s enough I think so I have the AMMO I need for the next parole hearing.

    So I did get something “out” of the interview even though it wasn’t exactly like I would have wanted.

    I do hope the film does generate people’s interest in learning about psychopaths. This site got hit hard by people looking up my story from Great Britain as soon as the film came out.

  6. I got a chance to watch the film all the way thru. Your segment was very tastefully done. You appear prepared, not scared. Good for you!

    Sometimes the reality tv and the documentaries can portray people in a not so favorable light to help push their agenda. This was not so in this film. Kudos to the film crew, editing and everyone involved on that.

    One thing that caught my attention in the beginning when they featured Charles Albright. His piercing, unwavering stare. It’s as if he was so intensely focused on the interviewer, as if searching for any shred of a weakness he could use against him. Just Creepy!

  7. Thanks, Phoenix, my own agenda was to have on film a segment that if I had to I could show to the public or to the parole board or the governor’s office….anything to help keep Patrick in prison. I think it more or less accomplished that.

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