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Senator Brian Hatfield fails to report child rape — 16 Comments

  1. The Senator and his son are impervious to the Law. That’s all. Corruption is fed by power, and being a Senator simply negates ANY association with society and the rules and laws that “ordinary” human beings are required to follow.

    Sure, it’s an agony to know that one’s offspring has committed a crime, but I completely agree that IGNORING something like this has sent a clear message: “Because I’m a Lawmaker, YOU are EXEMPT from accountability and consequences.”


  2. Truthy, too many of our “public officials” seem to think that the rules and laws do not apply to them or their family members. Corruption is rife within our political parties on ALL sides in my opinions. Look at how many governors, senators, representatives have been “outed” recently. Look at ex governor Bloggo going to prison, and he should be joined by many others in my opinion. It is a shame that in order to get into high public office you must “sell your soul to the devil” and get the idea that you can now do anything…lie, cheat, etc.

    Recently the chief financial officer of my state, Arkansas, was caught taking money from a broker ($36,000) and funneling him the state’s investments. She tried to plead guilty friday but would NOT admit that she had funneled him business, so the judge refused her guilty plea and she will go to trial and probably then prison. I hope that the man who paid her off will also go to prison. He did wear a wire and assist the FBI in catching her taking the bribe so I guess he will skate for helping catch her.

    Her plea deal to plead guilty and admit her wrongs and not go to prison fell through, so she is going to be not only a felon, but one who spends some time behind bars, which I fully believe she should do.

    When we as taxpayers are betrayed by the officials we elect, I think we have a duty to see that those people are brought to justice.

    I hope this Senator from Washington does in deed go to prison for withholding information on such a crime. I don’t have much confidence that will happen though. Unfortunately, justice is not just for the elite.

  3. Joyce, the neighborhood where I grew up was middle-to-upper-middle-class and there was a perception of affluence. Most of the kids were gifted ski boats when they turned 12 – I got a Sears aluminum rowboat. LMAO! Then, they would be gifted with a vehicle when they turned 16. This was back in the mid-’70’s, and everyone seemed to get these incredible vehicles like Transam and the last of the true muscle cars. Of course, I was envious of this because I received no such thing. BUT, my parents were astute enough to recognize that powerful, flashy cars often resulted in fatal accidents in the hands of high-strung and irresponsible teens.

    One of the boys in the neighborhood was the eldest son of a City Councilman. This young man engaged in all manners of sexual misconduct and illegal activities. He was immune to the “expectations” of his societal circle and utterly EXEMPT from adhering to laws that applied to the “others” of his societal circle. What ever happened to this young man, I have no idea. I can imagine that he was finally convicted as a rapist, at the very least, and a kingpin, at the worst.

    Another young man was involved in a gang-rape that I survived. He was the son of the regional Administrator for the Public School System. He was also involved in a very weird long-term theft of my clothing out of the garage/laundry room when we didn’t lock our doors. I noticed over a period of weeks that I was unable to find articles of clothing and, one morning, awoke to find bras, panties, shirts, and jeans strewn all over a tree in our front yard. Nothing ever became of either incident – I never reported the rape incident because I was ashamed and believed that I had “deserved” what happened to me, and the police never had “evidence” that this kid was involved, in any way. What became of this guy is anyone’s guess. He was raised in a bubble of High Society, was an escort at some poor gal’s “Debut,” which my father dreamed of having for me, and I never had one. I found a photo image of him on Google that depicted a gleeful, graying man in a tuxedo, and my stomach turned.

    In neither of these situations, I have no doubt that these boys-now-men EVER thought twice about the things that they had done during their youth. I don’t doubt that they continued with their reprobate behaviors, date-rape, and illegal activities and simply skated though life without facing a single consequence (other than a civil lawsuit, perhaps) or experiencing a nanosecond of remorse.

    “Privilege” often breeds a sense of entitlement and immunity from consequences. It would make an interesting study to research how an where these types of individuals get during their lifetimes, and if they ever faced any consequences as a result of their actions.

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  5. Truthy, I’m sorry you experienced the trauma of rape, much less gang rape especially by kids you knew. The failure to report it is very much a common thing with rape victims, and there is no telling what percentage of women have been raped, much less men who have been raped and are unllkely to “tell” about the crime. Accepting the “shame” for being traumatized is also very common among rape victims.

    The concept and idea that “I’m immune from consequences because daddy is important and rich” is unfortunately wide spread in our society and gives youth a sense of arrogance. In these instances I also think that the parent also feels this “immunity” and that the apples did not fall far from the tree.

    When my son Patrick robbed our friend’s business and I caught him with the “loot” I turned him in to the police. I felt 1) that it might teach him a lesson and 2) it was the right thing to do.I have read several news articles where “Mother turns son in for crime” and it is like the story is some strange thing like a space ship landed it is so unexpected and rare.

    The Unibomber’s brother turned him in, and I saw an interview with the brother and he feels guilty for having done so. He also feels guilt for what his brother did. Which he should have no guilt over, since he did not kill those people, and he did the RIGHT thing in turning in his brother. Yet, we are programmed it seems to keep the secrets of our loved ones crimes and assume the shame for what they did.

    How many wives keep quiet about their abuse? How many kids keep quiet about their rapes and abuse? I think it is the vast majority of them.

    It is only when we stand up and report abuses that they will stop, and the shame be placed squarely on the shoulders of the abusers, not on the shoulders of the victims.

    Even though I turned patrick in, for years afterwards I felt enough shame at what he had done that when I moved back to my “home” community where I grew up and was related to everyone here I lied about where he was (prison) because I was ashamed of what he had done and I used the excuse that “when he comes home to live no one will know and he will have a “fresh start.” ” But that was my rationale for my lies, the real reason I know now was I was ashamed. I didn’t want people to know my son was a liar, thief and murderer.

    Now, I don’t go around stopping people on the street and saying “My son Patrick is a monster” but if someone asks, I tell them the truth. I stood up in open court and testified at the bail hearing of my daughter-in-law and the man, Kenneth Hamilton, Jr., who were arrested for trying to kill my son Andrew when their attempt to kill him failed and they were arrested. I shook like a leaf as I stood there and told the whole sordid story in front of probably 200 people sitting in the court room that day. My son Michael asked me if I saw the judge’s face as I told my story and I told my son that I couldn’t see past my eye lashes much less the judge’s face, but the judge gave them each $150,000 bail and it probably would have been $10,000 or less if I had not spoken, and she had stolen enough money from my mother. $24.,000 that she could have made their bail if it had not been so high.

    After my talk, the judge interviewed her and asked her if she h ad a job, the answer was no, and if she had any family in the community and her answer was MY HUSBAND’S FAMILY—now this was after she had tried to kill her own husband. LOL

    Later from jail she wrote a letter to her daughter blaming her arrest on me because I was “a real piece of work.” LOL

  6. Truthy, I’m sorry you were brutalized that way. It goes to show how MANY of these types are out there. My exspath told me, “It’s AMAZING how EASY it is to find guys that are willing to rape a girl if they think she’s passed out.”

    Passed out is spath speak for “yes” to sex.

    I think that a brutal action like that changes the predator and he takes himself further down the road of depravity where he will never escape.

    Being raised by a high-ranking official doesn’t seem to be protection against becoming a spath. For all we know, the kid did it so he’d get caught and it would embarrass his father.

    This story will be interesting to follow. I wonder if the senator will be charged for obstruction.

  7. Skylar this is just my personal soap box, but I truly believe that every elected official above dog catcher is high in P traits or they would not see the job. Look at how many officials or would be officials that have been caught cheating on their wives, covering up for family members and friends who have done illegal/immoral things?

    Just this past week the financial officer for my state was caught by FBI taking bribes to give a financial broker more of the state’s investments. The guy wore a wire and she was caught IN THE ACT…she made a deal to avoid prison by confessing…but at the last minute she admitted taking the bribe but denied giving the guy extra business…soo the judge tossed out her “guilty” but denying it plea and so now she will go to trial and I hope to prison.

    Look at the governors, senators, and even the presidents who have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar iin one way or another, and without fail on their last day in office they grant “pardons” to their buddies and their buddies’ friends, and I have no doubt it if for a “consideration”—an ordinary person can not get a presidential pardon, only cronies of the politicos.

    I know the officials in my state and county and most of them are CROOKS to one degree or another and give business to their buddies, in some cases make them rich.

    It has always been that way and always will be in my opinion. Look at Obama tapping the phones of the AP, he did the same thing Nixon did, but I don’t hear a hue and cry to impeach him, but in my opinion he should be impeached for that.

    I don’t understand why voters reelect some of these people who have been proven crooked or without a moral compass. Look at Teddy Kennedy, left that woman to drown while he tried to find an alibi, yet was reelected til forever.

    The arrogance and sense of entitlement that our officials have is beyond belief to me. They vote themselves life time pensions for only serving one term in office and Obama takes “vacations” that cost MILLIONS of dollars but tells the American people to tighten their belts during this hard time. The government “bails out” the very financial institutions that caused our country’s financial problems. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I think they are all crooks. I would vote for Thomas Jefferson if he were alive. At least he was for a balanced budget.

  8. Joyce and Sky, thank you for your support. Sharing that event, today, is a method of making it real and making it into a heinous crime, though the statute of limitations has long since passed.

    Another point of sharing that event is that it helped to further instill the shame-core that I carried throughout my lifetime. Shame is a powerful and silent killer. I was ashamed of having even been in the wrong place at the wrong time – I should have KNOWN better than to be in that boy’s house when his parents were gone, but I went in, anyway. Shame fed that belief that I “deserved” what was done to me, and that simply reaffirmed that I was an OBJECT – I had no more value than any paper plate on the planet.

    So, yeah……

    And, “entitlement” is expressed by the affluent and well-connected in their VISIBLE CONTEMPT of all others, including their own colleagues. The only “respect” that they ever express is a complete mask to cover their FEAR of colleagues that may wield considerably more power than they do. Contempt – it is a visible narrowing of the eyes and dripping sarcasm in speech.

    Interestingly, I experienced such contempt during that ill-fated weekend, a few weeks back. It was visible and the toxic woman didn’t even make an attempt to mask it! She asked me (and, I quote), “Just what IS it that you do?”

    Joyce, as you have typed, watch – observe – don’t interject. READ these people and wait for the contempt to bubble to the surface because it is an absolute certainty that it will, in due time.

  9. Truthy, those people who “look down their noses” at others, especially others who are less fortunate financially than they are, are in my book just like the Pharisees in the Bible that looked down on the publicans (tax collectors) and felt superior to the other Jews as well. “I’m more Holy than you are” all the while they used crooked business techniques to cheat poor widows out of their lands and houses. These are the same men who paid Judas to betray Jesus.

    Look at the “moral compasses” of men like Bill Clinton and believe me I could write a book on the crooked things he was involved in in Arkansas, and I know a woman that was one of his campaign workers that the BEAT and RAPED. Yet he walks around as the past president like he is some kind of “rock star” and no one thinks about the horrible things he has done. Or what a liar he is.

    I don’t know if this Senator Hatfield is going to get his kid off with a slap on the wrist and nothing done to himself, but I can only hope that Justice is served for this 11 year old boy.

    Maybe if nothing else, the family of the 11 yr old will sue Hatfield for a zillion dollars (that ought to hit him where it hurts) for the damages his kid did and for him not reporting it.

    • Joyce, the interesting aspect of “looking down their noses” at other human beings who are less fortunate, unattractive, or “lacking” in their assessments of what makes a human being “valuable” is some sort of attempt to immunize themselves from moral and ethical expectations.

      There is a tremendous fact that levels ALL fields, and that is our own mortality. Not one of us has the ability to negotiate immortality. Regardless of anyone’s personal beliefs about what happens after each cell dies off, this event brings us all to the same level, and these people seem to be unaware of this fact.

      No amount of money, political clout, extortion, or damages inflicted is going to alter the fact that the toxic people are just as mortal as their source targets.

  10. Yes, truthy, you are right there, but it is a fact of life that some people “have more” of the resources of this world.

    My sojourn into third world countries where I saw children starving and people living on the edge of existence when I was a teenager and doing wild life photography makes me realize just how unequally resources are allocated in this world.

    No matter how poor we are in this country, even homelessness, is not nearly as bad as it is in India, Africa, and other areas where clean drinking water is not available and there is no “welfare” department to help you, and no food pantries. So every day when I feel “poor” I ask myself what actual NEED I have that h as not been met. and the answer is nothing. I h ave a home, food, clothing, clean water, medical care as good as anyone, and there are people who care about me. So I am RICH in this world’s goods and grateful for that, but I have empathy for those who have little or none of this world’s goods.

    Those people who use their positions and riches to skirt around criminal laws are in my opinion POOR ijn what really counts, and that is a moral compass.

    • Joyce, I agree 100%. I have never visited a third world country, and I don’t know if I would have the fortitude to do so. I remember the movie, “City Of Joy,” that was so beautifully done. It’s a tear-jerker, to be sure.

      So, in comparison to the multitudes who are living with their families next to noxious open gutters that serve as a drainage system for sewage, I’m fat ‘n’ sassy. Sometimes, it’s good for me to remember to keep my situation in perspective!

      I was in discussion with someone a few months back and we were talking about how outrageous it was that CEO’s made multi-million dollar salaries AND wrote multi-million dollar bonuses for themselves while in the service of companies and corporations that were BENT upon environmental destruction and the destruction of humanity (GMO agri-corps, specifically). These people honestly, truly, and simply do not care what their corporations are doing as long as the bottom line is PROFIT.

      Yes, there are people who may have private jets and a fleet of collectible cars, but they are, indeed, “poor in spirit.” All the money in the world won’t buy them empathy or a conscience.

  11. Yes, Truthy and public officials, representatives and senators, state and national who vote themselves unbelieveable retirement packages and salaries and health care that is much better than what is available to us peons.

    But I guess that is the way it has always been, the rich and powerful live “like kings” while the peons have to scratch for a living or live in slavery. The strong over power the weak. The powerful exercise their power. The psychopaths TAKE power and control in many ways.

    I too have to remind myself how fortunate I am to have what I have, and for what it is worth it is paid for, I don’t owe anyone a dime, and believe it or not, that puts me in the “richest 2% of the US” to not have a mortgage on my home. I built it with my own hands though.

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