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Son bludgeons father to death — 4 Comments

  1. Joyce,
    I have a hard time believing that he is truly sorry. It just has too much of a self-serving, melodramatic ring to it. Bringing up his first day of school is “off”. Remember how your son would say, “But mom, what would Jesus do?”

  2. Yea, Skylar! LOL “Yea, what would Jeeeeezus do?” LOL The kid was obviously “raised right” because he knew what a “real apology” looks and sounds like…so does Patrick….Patrick, just like Dr. Bob Hare says in his book “Without conscience, that ” they don’t know how normal people FEEL or THINK and will therefore lie when the truth would fit better. ”

    That’s the crazy thing….of course I was only basing my idea that this kid might actually be telling the truth in h is apology on what I read in the news, but the other thing that Bob hare says about psychopaths is that they will DENY DENY DENY even in the face of EVIDENCE that they are guilty. The second young man denies denies and shouts that he was unjustly found guilty, but the son owned up to what he had done, and didn’t blame his parents or even the other guy, but owned up to what he had done. That to me speaks of a kid in a drug induced rage who once he was sober realized what he had done and was sorry, versus the partner who was more psychopathic and tried to get out of the truth that he was engaged in the killing. Why the kid was doing the drugs in the first place, and hanging out with low lifes, that I don’t know, he obviously was not a choir or altar boy, but sincere in his confession/apology or not…his life is messed up.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t think BOTH of them should remain in prison for the rest of their lives, because when you drink or drug and do a crime…you are 100% responsible for that crime, even if later you are sorry, or even if you had just tried the drug or drink for the FIRST Time…you made the choice to drink or drug and therefore you should reap the consequences of your choice.

    The thing about the “bath salts” is that they are as bad or worse than meth and I think they are still “legal” in some areas to purchase. I remember when they first came on the scene in Arkansas they were quickly outlawed. That was several years ago.

  3. Unfortunately, Tucker murdered his dad and brutally attacked his mother and his brother (possibly because he’s a drug abusing spath). He deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. I wouldn’t want to have this guy on the streets.

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