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Spite and Malice — 3 Comments

  1. Spite and malice are a prominent symptoms in Borderline Personality Disorders. When BPD and psychopathy are comorbid, the afflicted person will reap hell upon anyone naive enough to stand near them for 5 minutes.

  2. There is some discussion about the differences between BPD and psychopathy, but they DO have many traits in common and both cause major dysfunctions in families.

    Psychologists are not in agreement about them being the same thing or a female version of psychopathy even though they do have many traits in common.

    People with BP tend to be “cutters” and with one exception I have never seen a man who was a “:cutter” but then I haven’t seen thousands of people with BP.

    I have never known a psychopath who was a “cutter”.

    To me personally anytime I meet someone for the first time and they immediately begin to tell me what a wonderful person I am and how much they really like me and want to “hang” with me, I become suspicious of a person with BP. They want to be instantly your “best friend” and YOUR ONLY FRIEND and if you do not go along with this they will PUNISH YOU.

    When I worked in a psych hospital for adolescents we had many girls who were BPs and they would brown nose the staff from the moment they hit the floor. But they were also some of the most physically dangerous patients we had. We had patients that would also become psychopaths (ASPD) after they turned 18 but before 18 we had to call them CONDUCT DISORDERED, and they could also be dangerous as well. I quit that job after one of them tried and almost did kill me. Learning to spot them is a really good skill to have

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