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  1. you know he rode his disability to stardom and now he is throwing a HUGE PITY PARTY, pooooor disable baby just can’t stand the rigors of prison….you know if he could run like the wind with his artificial legs, why can’t he walk like a man into prison for what he has done.?

    Well of course he can’t, because he is a narcissistic man who would kill a woman for trying to leave him. Why the court is falling for this I will never know

  2. Zen you are right there…my spelling has gotten awful and my typing is still fast but my fingers don’t always hit the right keys any more. So I definitely empathize with Phoenix, but your point is taken too….we don’t have to be perfect and I thought my whole life since I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t good enough. But I tried to HIDE that I wasn’t “good enough” and thus the IMPOSTER SYNDROME….the spell check here just told me imposter was spelled wrong, but I double check it and it is right. Odd…anyway my first memory of feeling like I was hiding my imperfections was back in 7thn or 8th grade. I was the only one out of a class of 30 kids to get 100% on a spelling test and the teacher congratulated me as she handed out the papers on such a good job…and my first thought was “boy did I FOOL HER” So anytime I was complimented I DEVALUED that compliment and chalked it up to “fooling” people into thinking I did something right.

    Talk about LOW SELF ESTEEM….and yet, my performances were excellent but I kept on thinking I had “fooled” people into thinking I was doing well. Because I KNEW I was not perfect and anything less than PERFECT was NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Of course I can look back NOW into my childhood and see where this feeling that I had to be PERFECT to even be acceptable came from, but of course children don’t know that this is being taught them because to a child the adults are the PERFECT example to strive for and even if the adults are mean to you, belittle you, well…of course YOU DESERVE IT because you are not up to standard…i.e. perfect.

    Once you can see that you were belittled in your childhood and by whom and why, you can somewhat “reparent” yourself and teach your “inner child” that not being perfect is OKAY. That if someone else doesn’t like you, it is THEIR problem not yours. That if someone you love betrays you, you do not have to ALLOW this continued behavior, you can walk away.

    I recently got a copy of the NEW OXFORD ANNOTATED BIBLE and have been reading it from Genesis onward. The annotations are very very interesting from both a historical point and a religious one. I’m still in the old Testament but it is interesting how many times even in the Old Testament the message is STAY AWAY FROM TOXIC PEOPLE…of course it is not worded like that, but that’s the message. “Evil companions corrupt good morals” and we are warned of the dangers of associating with evil people.

    Even if you are not a believer that the Bible is God’s word, there is much in there that is GOOD ADVICE for living a healthy life and staying away, going NO contact, with people who are abusive or criminal is a very good start to living a healthy life.

  3. Guys, I can spell, it’s just that some days I can’t TYPE worth a darn. lol Of course I clicked on Submit before I proofread and there you have it folks…. *sigh*

    Joyce, you NAILED IT when you said this- “if he could run like the wind with his artificial legs, why can’t he walk like a man into prison for what he has done?” Oh there is soooOOOooo much TRUTH to that!

    The part about being perfect and how adults are supposed to be perfect in a child’s mind… I have seen this too in my own kids. One of them brought home a spelling test they did not get 100% on. It was the first and only time it has happened. My son FREAKED OUT over it. OMG you would have thought his world was about to end! He put such pressure on himself to ‘compete’ in school, do his absolute best and BE the best at everything he tries to do…. He’s six and in his world he does not think it is ok to NOT be perfect at everything. Boy is this a new concept to teach him.

    • Phoenix, “perfection” comes from trauma, as far as I’ve learned. And, the “trauma” doesn’t necessarily have to be family dysfunction, but a dysfunctional family most certainly creates that fear. Why is that? Well, a child is caused to “feel” responsible for whatever adult issues are going on. They either shut down and totally disengage as a family member, or they try to “fix” things by being “better.” For me, regardless of what I attempted to do, of course, nothing EVER got better, so I would try harder and beat myself up for longer periods of time with the expectation that I would somehow develop whatever skill was required to create a “perfect world” within the family. This carried on into relationships, friendships, and places of employment. If I made myself indispensable, then I would not be used, abused, and abandoned.

      Now, having typed all of that, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on children, these days, that carries through public education – they are NOT learning anything of significance (typically) and are simply being prepared for testing. “Every Child Left Behind” has done no service to the countless participants in that farce, from children to teachers, to parents, to administration! So, that also has an influence on the perception of “perfection.”

      Blade Runner…………..VERY good point, Joyce, that he could OVERCOME his disability to win medals, but he’s TOO disabled to endure prison. WOW……..wow. Just…………wow…………..

      Spleeling………….spleeling isn’t impertent iz lung iz de pint gits a cross. (wink, snort, chortle)

      • Zen, I laugh at the spell check and the auto correct features of our computers. If I am typing an article I try to use the spell check, but for some reason on my internet I can’t access it so I just do a quick “once over” and go with it. LOL I’m getting to where I don’t beat myself up for not being perfect. LOL

  4. Zen that you so much for what you said in your first few sentences. This helps a lot in understanding some of the issues I’m having with the kids. The older kids get it that dad was a bit off his rocker and something wasn’t right. They know what was going on and seen/heard thing that were said and the bs that was going on. I’m pretty sure the younger one seen it too, but may not have had a grasp on what was actually happening, let alone the underlying issues.

    Add to the Every Child Left Behind the Core Curriculum being crammed down everyone’s throats and its a recipe for disaster.

  5. Phoenix, the stresses on kids now with the teachers having to “teach to the test” and what goes on at home with a disordered parent can sure make a difficult childhood for kids. I was speaking to a recently retired 4th grade teacher and she mentioned what a FARCE the new way they had to teach was and how it left the kids confused.

    Several of my friends with young children are home schooling their kids…REALLY home schooling them but unfortunately too many times both parents have to work and school is at best a baby sitter while the folks work. And of course single parents can’t home school their kids.

    The number of kids with a high school degree who can’t even make it in a community college disturbs me our local community college has a “remedial” first year for these kids who are learning to READ AND WRITE in “college” and yet they got a diploma from HS that said they had “passed” these requirements of learning.

    Little kids don’t deserve that kind of stress which only stresses them more when they go out into the “real world” where there are still more stressors.

  6. There’s a lot of discussion about the Core Curriculum being forced in the schools. It doesn’t make sense and keeps the parents from being able to help their kids with their homework. If the parents struggled in school without CC, what are we to expect of their kids if they are struggling in school With it?

    I was lucky to find a school that doesn’t focus on the CC method of math. They go over it enough to give the kids the idea of how to use it and get thru the tests, but it isn’t the Be All End All of mathematics. There’s always more than one way to do things.

  7. Phoenix, I actually took one of my kids out of public school back when it was illegal to do so and home schooled him for a while until I could get a private school I could afford that met his needs and I finally did find one. I’m sure glad I don’t have a kid in school now, I’m afraid I would be down at the school on a daily basis. LOL

  8. Joyce & Phoenix, it is a completely different world for kids, today. Schools are not teaching. They’re prepping for testing.

    However, what children have forever experienced is family dysfunctions and the effects can be devastating.

    I don’t blame ANY parent for taking their child out of public school as long as that parent is making an informed decision and NOT flying off the handle. If I could go back in time, I would have sorted out some means to send both of my sons to private schools – probably Parochial – even if I had to trade doing work in the school for tuition.

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