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The Death Penalty — 10 Comments

  1. Joyce
    There have been other cases where an innocent person serves time for a crime that he or she did not commitment. And on the flip side there are incidents where those who do commit a crime do not serve time in prison.

    Moreover I agree with you that this man is using some of his settlement monies to help innocent victims get out of prison is a great mission.
    In addition I would like to add that the church that I attend has a Prison Ministry that sends out Celebrate Recovery Bibles to any inmate that wishes for a Bible to sent to them. There have been studies that have shown that if a prisoner goes through this program which is a 12 step program that is Christ center they are usually they are not repeat offenders.
    God Bless

    • Saw there are several Christian ministries who have a low recidivism rate, but those like my son use the “ministry” as a cover and can use the Bible and fake a “christian” conversion. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of those who faked a “found Jezus” mentality.

      So yes there are innocent folks who are convicted and guilty folks who get off, no system of “justice” is perfect, but by taking away the death penalty we take away ALL chances that an innocent victim may die for a crime they didn’t do.

      One of my son’s friends is probably innocent and the Texas Innocence project is wroking on getting him released for the murder he is in prison for, but that doesn’t mean he is a choir boy, he is a violent felon PRIOR to the current charge for murder and many others of those who are released as innocent for the crimes they are convicted of were not model citizens prior to going to prison for that crime, but no matter what they are, they do not deserve to be killed for a crime they did not commit.

  2. Joyce, there was a time when I was in support of capital punishment, and I have altered my opinion on this because so many innocent people have been executed and incarcerated because of politics and/or investigative c*ck-ups.

    Because capital punishment is final, it gives people a false sense of security that “bad people” will pay the ultimate consequence for the most heinous crimes. But, this simply isn’t true. The worst of the worst don’t care if they’re sentenced to death, or not – it becomes a form of notoriety or negotiation (Ted Bundy trading body locations for more life).

    I’m glad that the multi-millions in the settlement are being used to help others who have been wrongly accused and convicted.

  3. I have always until the last few years been very pro capital punishment but like you, with the freeing of many INNOCENT folks I’ve changed my mind. It is proven that “eye witness” testimony is the least reliable testimony there is and in my own case, the one time I was working in a store when someone tried to rob me, I TRIED hard to remember what he looked like and I couldn’t even remember what he wore in the way of facial hair or not, all I could remember was he was a white male about 30 of medium build. The crazy thing is that I just could NOT remember, sometimes I would think I could, then second guess myself, so the thing is that as long as we don’t have a photograph of the person doing the crime, eye witness testimony is poor enough that sentencing someone to death only on the basis of that eye witness testimony is not good enough in my opinion.

    That is not to say that some crimes do not DESERVE the death penalty, but I truly believe these people will meet a JUST JUDGE in the after life and they will be punished for their crimes in a JUST MANNER and it will be worse than anything we could do to them on this earth.

  4. While we may agree to disagree on this to some extent Joyce, I still and probably always will, feel there are those who are guilty beyond all reason and doubt, that should be removed from humanity. Those such as Ariel Castro, Jeffrey Dahmer and such, who are caught more than just red-handed, the evidence is beyond damning and they may have even confessed to being beyond all help… Skip the appeals, skip the life sentences and just be done with it. They will never change, don’t feel they have a problem and life will surely go on for the better (and safer) without them.

    For others where DNA evidence and things such as that will and can prove their innocence, by all means- NO! Why in some cases the DNA evidence is not allowed? I have no idea. Because as the first comment said, there are some who commit crimes and are never caught while innocents sit in prison or jail for things they didn’t do.

  5. Phoenix, our trial system of “criminal justice” (boy is that an oxy moron) is unfortunately so bound up in “rules” that won’t let legitimate evidence in and does let suspect evidence in that I’m not sure there is any JUSTICE in it at all.

    With 90+ percent of plea agreements settling cases rather than trials by jury, where a person has to confess and get 2 yrs or take a chance on going to trial and maybe get 25, too many people take the pleas, guilty or not. Plus if you do not show remorse or keep saying “I’m innocent” you have not learned your lesson and are not about to get out on parole. It is a danged if you do, danged if you dont’ situation for the person who is arrested.

    I totally agree that there are folks who are beyond guilty of heinous crimes, like those two guys who killed the woman and 2 daughters and were arrested coming out of the house. NO doubt, but unfortunately too many times “confessions” can be scared or beaten out of people who did not do the crime.

    I wish we lived in a perfect world, but unfortunately we don’t, and while a person who spends decades in prison for a crime they didn’t do, at least we dont have to go tell their gravestone, “sorry, we got the wrong guy”

  6. Joyce,
    It’s good to read an article that ends with the innocent person finding a way to rise above the injustice done to him. Thanks for writing this.

    I agree with you that our legal system has nothing to do with justice. It’s just part of the money making, people controlling, machine. As long as it’s run amok with spaths, we can’t depend on it to keep innocent people safe. In many cases, the people with power are more criminal than the criminals.

    The media is the only thing that keeps some of these judges, prosecutors and cops somewhat under control. Their abuse of power is only kept in check by the fear of being outed in the news. Unfortunately, there is only so much the media can do. People get jaded after reading story after story about the abuse of power. Then they give up hope and stop caring.

  7. I just ordered and started reading today a bookk wirtten by a local woman about a murder (her brother) that occurred in 1994 here in the next county over it is called “The antifreeze cook book” and amazon has it. Her SIL (all the names are changed but I know some of the folks she is talking about) poisoned her husband this lady’s brother with antifreeze and managed to keep an autopsy from being done. Her BF was a local cop who is suspected of killing several people as well….the sister was never able to get justice for her brother.

    Between the incompetent doctor at our local hospital (she did not name him but I KNEW THE GUY) and the crooked cops etc justice was denied.

    Our local state Leiutenient governor has just been investigated for illegal use of state funds and illegal use of campaign funds. Plus we have a sheriff not far away who got into a drunken brawl and everyone is trying to get him to resign but he refuses. CROOKS and more CROOKS. I saw an article today about crooked politicans and Arkansas is in the middle on a percapita basis, with Louisiana the worst, that major that was there when Katrina hit took bribes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the federal funds that were pouring in for contracts. YUK! makes me sick, and for innocent folks to wind up on death row for crooked cops makes me even madder.

  8. Here is information on more wrongly convicted people who were proven innocent, not just “got off on a technicality”

    Not all of these people were pillars of the community before they were wrongly convicted, but none the less there is no reason anyone should go to prison or be executed for a crime or crimes they did not commit.


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