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The “giver” that keeps on giving—psychopaths — 3 Comments

  1. Joyce, you did great, girl. And, Patrick has nothing but time on his hands, hopefully for the rest of his life. Psychopaths are not prone to sit idle and will whip up new and creative ways to destroy another person, even from behind bars.

    So……..you know that what has been alleged is bullshit, and this time around, you were able to sort it out, calm yourself, and find that balance that is so elusive for most people who are dealing with a psychopath in the family.

    Keep moving forward and pat yourself on the back for managing the situation with MUCH more calm and control. Each experience is just another opportunity to learn and practice. That’s all.

    ((((((HUGS)))))) You did great, and your friend and attorney will be just fine. šŸ˜€

  2. Well, the bar has not ruled on the thing yet, so bogus or not, you never know how something will play out in a court or in the Bar…I’ll feel better when it is over. I’m hoping that is soon both for my sake and for my attorney’s.

    I guess this is “payment” for me coming out of the closet, and the internet is not “secret” for sure. I assume that Patrick is reading or having someone read every word I say. But at the same time, I have no regrets about coming out of the closet…it has helped me heal and also I think helped others as well.

    I am currently advising several women who are fighting parole for the men who attacked and/or nearly killed them.

    I have no doubt that Patrick will do his darnest to do whatever he can to either have me killed or to injure me in some way. The very reason I want him to stay in prison. If I thought for one minute he had regret, remorse, etc. I’d have no problem with him getting out of prison at some point, but as it is, he needs to die in the prison for the safety of others.

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