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VIDEO JUSTICE — 12 Comments

  1. Joyce, I feel very badly for all of the parties involved in these senseless tragedies, and I applaud the victim’s family for taking care of their own without letting someone barge in to make THEIR grief a platform for a skewed agenda.

    I have a very jaded eye with regard to positions of power and authority – I don’t believe that a balance exists, at this point, and it might be that “video justice” will be the only deterrent for such senseless killings or “bad” behaviors of those who wield so much power and control.

    Peter Gabriel used his influence to start a video justice program a few years back, and it was more of a global call to people to RECORD injustices or atrocities being committed against human beings. I forget what the project is called, but it’s important to note that a clean and un-edited video recording doesn’t lie. Can it be misinterpreted? Of course, it can – anything from spoken word to court transcripts to photographic images can be misinterpreted, spun, or construed for whatever purposes.

    I hope that this current episode yields CHANGES as much as it does justice for the victim and surviving family members. Yes, the bad guy is going to be held accountable, but there need to be CHANGES implemented. And, they need to begin with better emotional/psych evaluations, if there even IS such a thing.

    What a pity

  2. I didn’t realize that I posted the entire web site above only meant to post a link! LOL

    Yes, Truthy, it is a darned shame that people in positions of power like a police officer, and some of the guards at prisons I have met, and even one warden, who were definitely abusive of the power they had over the inmates and the families. But there are psychopaths in every position, just more I think in places they can lord it over others….Dr. Hare’s book “Snakes in Suits” about when psychopaths “go to work” is an eye opener for sure.

    The family of this victim have behaved with good sense I think, in their grief they are not striking out blindly at all police officers or all white people

    There will never I think be total racial or gender or religious equality, people tend to want to be with their own kind….and that’s okay I think as long as they do not PERSECUTE people of other genders, races, religious beliefs etc.

    I may not want to be your “best friend” if your culture or life style is vastly different from mine, we may not have a lot in common. I don’t think I would be a good match for people from the Aryan Brotherhood gang, or the Hell’s angels or the Latin Kings or the Black Panthers….or people who are rabidly religious (of any religion) but that doesn’t mean that I want to deny them civil rights or to burn their houses. Unfortunately, too many people DO want to hurt others or force them to “convert” to their religion or way of living. But that’s not American justice….

    I do hope that this man’s death will force some police departments to take another look at those officers who tend to use excessive force, and also make video cameras mandatory.

    I hope the murderer spends the rest of his life in a solitary box (for his own protection of course) but at the same time, I feel for his wife and family because THEY did not bring this down on their heads, HE DID.He deserves the consequences, but the pain of the family is still a consequence….BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT!

  3. Here’s some more “video justice” but fortunately the victim cum criminal did not die, but 10 deputies have been suspended, and my guess is that they will at the very least lose their jobs.


    From hearing about the chase and how frustrating it must have been to have had to chase this guy down, it does NOT EXCUSE them attacking him after he is subdued.

    I hope the public will stand up to these bullies…and yes, police work is dangerous, and I appreciate the police that put their lives on the line but you know…those that cross it need to be weeded out of the pool of officers.

  4. So far Video Justice is about the only hope we have. Exposing the injustice through the lens and the internet seems to be the only thing that works. Still, I think it will be a matter of time before the spaths use video to pervert justice. They always find a way to take a solution and turn it into a problem. We have to be at least one step ahead at all times.

  5. You know, though, Skylar…with the advent of the TINY video cameras that can be installed secretly, and even radio signaled to a remote recorder…not only can people watch their nanny interact with their kids, but they can also record their own abuse….So I think there will be some justice because of the video cameras…especially in the case of this police officer who obviously murdered this man and then lied and tried to cover it up. I’m just glad the young man who made the recording didn’t also get shot because of it. He is a hero in my estimation. And the world has few enough real honest to gosh HEROES!!!

    Speaking of nanny interacting with kids videos, there have been a couple in the news lately, one made by a bystander of a nanny hitting a toddler in the face with her tablet, and another one made by a “nanny cam.”

    I think it is human nature to behave better if we know we are being observed by others, so maybe just the thought that there might be a video of our actions may make us behave better. And for those who DO behave badly, maybe the videos will put them where they belong, behind bars.

    I do feel great empathy for the wife and mother of the police officer who is the murderer, and for his unborn child. His family are facing a terrible and undeniable truth. I hope that the officer will just plead guilty and save both families the horror of a trial, but that probably won’t happen. I suppose he is going to say to his family “it’s all a frame up” LOL

    • Welcome, DrLjohnson! Joyce’s endeavors have helped countless people. From her radio interviews to her participation in a documentary film, and everything in between, people have found “safety” with Joyce.

      There’s hope for personal recovery and healing, and there’s good, common sense shared along with positive and nurturing support.

      Again, welcome, and post often.

  6. Dear Dr. L Johnson, Thank you….I hope it does help other parents and relatives to see what can and what can NOT be fixed in the offending one in their family. I saw all kinds of sites to “support” family members who had committed terrible crimes….but none that told you how to cope by disconnecting when you saw the offender was NOT going to change.

    The “system” encourages families to take these inmates back into their homes, and society does as well “You can’t cut him off, he is your sonnnnnn” Well blood may be thicker than water, but there comes a time when we can not continue a relationship except at our own risk.

    How did you find this blog, may I ask? I am going to go to your site and see what you have there. Thanks for checking in and hope you will comment on some of the articles you find helpful.

  7. DrLJohnson, I saw your site and I highly applaud your efforts at reform for families and offenders. I met a minister who is part of a project within prisons all over the US and they have a recidivism rate of only 10%. Of course there are men like my son who was raised in the church, who has NO intention of changing, but who uses the meetings to con his way with these people and present a side of himself that is totally faked, so I am sure there are some others in the group who do as well.

    Also I think that the lower recidivism rate is because they “cherry pick” inmates who DO want to change.

    Unfortunately, 80% of violent crime is committed by people who qualify as psychopaths (ASPD) and there is NO changing these individuals. The screening tool developed by Dr. Robert Hare which is

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