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What WAS this woman thinking? — 10 Comments

  1. Joyce, I cannot imagine what this woman was thinking, in my WILDEST dreams and/or nightmares. I just cannot. But, when inmates want something, they typically GET it because they know how to choose targets, dismantle them, and USE them for their own purposes.

    Because the exspath is a DOC employee, he brought home some of the “training” that corrections employees get. “Duck hunt” is what inmates call it when they target someone (guard, prison nurse, civilian employee, ANYONE on the inside or outside) to do their bidding.

    Contraband is bad news – it could mean a host of consequences for the individual who is providing them. NO consequences for an already-incarcerated inmate. What’s another month or year tacked onto 15-life for armed robbery? Seriously. Inmates are not as concerned with getting OUT as they are with getting STUFF while they’re still incarcerated. The MORE that they can talk someone into bringing in contraband, the more power they perceive in themselves. And, they honestly do not care about getting caught – they know that this is inevitable, at some point.

    One prison guard where the exspath works was caught bringing in a cell phone to an inmate. Okay, she was female and she was of color. So, she hired an attorney who fought to get her “job” back, and she won. THEN, she did it, AGAIN!!!!!

    Inmates are bad news, whether I want to believe that they are guilty or innocent of the crimes that they are serving time for. They are PREDATORS………..plain and simple, and the woman named in the article was PREDATED, along with her child.


  2. Truthy, you are right I think in that inmates don’t seem to be worried about getting caught. Patrick never seemed to be. In the first 16 years he was inside he had 19 “shots” for major cases, including a “shank” (home made knife) and a cell phone. He is very electronically “handy” and had the cell phone hidden inside an electric razor so when the razor appeared to be charging the cell phone was. He even had internet service and an e mail account.

    He was even on Plenty of Fish free dating site. LOL I have photos of him that he e mailed out to Hamilton, the guy he sent to get me. UNbelievable in truth!

    When he got caught with the cell phone, they threw him out of craft shop and when Ii went to put away his equipment, I found two more cell phones hidden in it that the guards didn’t find.

    Heck, Truthy, they caught Charlie Manson with a cell phone a while back, and apparently when the death row inmate with a phone called Texas State Senator John Whitmere to threaten his family, they discovered that the phone had been there weeks, if not months and shared by many of the death row inmates. Whitmere shut down the entire Texas prison system to search every cell and found another 42 or 43 phones, but if Patrick having 3 and only getting 1 found is true across the board, they missed a bunch. As far as the guards, I think most of them just lost their jobs. Personally I think they should have gone to prison themselves. But then I don’t run the prison system. LOL

    Dr. Liane Leedom’s X husband Barry married the nurse at the prison where he was incarcerated for having sex with patients at Dr. Leedom’s office and pretending to be a doctor himself….then after his release he was arrested again trying to get a job posing as a doctor.

  3. It’s just amazing how manipulative a psychopath can be. One would think that people in positions of authority would be educated enough, knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to see through the manipulation, but that’s just not the case.

    I remember telling my ex-spath, years ago, “You could start your own cult. People believe anything you tell them.” I had no idea the extent of the truth in my own statement.

    And their favorite game is manipulating authorities. Anyone who makes any claim to authority will be targeted, you can count on it.

  4. Patrick had an affair with a female major in one prison he was in. she came into the visiting room once when we were there and you could “see” the sexual posturing and sparks flying between them like lovers….I am amazed that the other guards didn’t know, or maybe they did, who knows. The woman was young, beautiful and had a career not just a job for goodness sakes, she had a husband, children and a place in the community and she risked it all for sex with a criminal. DUH????? I never could figure it out either except for the “risk” and the “excitement” of doing something risky and getting by with it.

    One secretary at one of the prisons where Patrick was housed was having an affair with an officer AND another one with an inmate and the inmate and the woman were both found in a closet at the prison with their throats slit—supposedly by the inmate in a murder/suicide but Patrick said the skuttle butt was the officer killed them both.

    People who are naive and do not “get it” about how dangerous some of these people are put themselves at risk of losing their very lives. It took me a long time to realize that Patrick would kill not only Jessica, but ME as well. If they will do it to someone else, they will do it to you.

    • Joyce, people “on the outside” tend to “get it” better than those who are involved in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Politics, Religion……ANY group of people where “power” and “control” are wielded. They can clearly see what’s going on, but it’s a CHOICE that they ignore, pretend, and even enable “bad” behaviors.

      Corrections facilities are a virtual hotbed of illicit and illegal activities BECAUSE so much power and control is used and abused. I never realized just how disordered the DOC dynamics were until I discovered the photo images that the exspath had on our family computer. The photos had been taken with the “family” digital camera, and bore the digital signature. They were taken inside the home of one of the exspath’s coworkers. Clearly, many people were involved in what the exspath was doing and the level of mass deception was incredible! The guy that hosted these…….parties……..actually put his arms around me, once, and said that he was so glad to “know” me.

      You are 100% spot-the-hayell-on, Joyce. If someone can exploit and harm one person, I’d better believe that they’ll do it to me without an OUNCE of remorse or regret! And, they’ll do it without a second thought!

      Oh, lordy………I want NOTHING to do with anyone in any position of “power” or control. Male, female, adult, child……..if they exploit control, I’m OUT!!!

  5. Yea, Truthy, we are getting things together slowly but surely. My IT person is wonderful and without them I would not have this site up at all. I am a web dummy. LOL

    The entire prison system I think is corrupt but at the same time, we need something to do with those who are violent and break the law, and steal and attack.

    There have been various methods through the ages of dealing with law breakers from whipping to torture and death, to banishment, Putting the “average” criminal into prison for long periods of time is a fairly recent (in terms of human history) attempt at separating them from the general population.

    It is very costly in terms of resources and doesn’t do anything toward rehabilitation, but it does keep the offenders separated from the general population. I wish I had a better idea.

    • Joyce, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool technophobe, so your IT person is a godsend!!! 🙂

      I do not have ANY idea of what needs to be done with criminals. The “big house” is simply a warehouse full of criminal inventory. This includes most of the guards, administration, and civilians employed by corrections facilities. The convicts have been found guilty of a crime and are serving time. The people who are being paid incredible salaries to babysit the inmates are either walking a very thin line, themselves, or they’ve thrown themselves into illegal, unethical, and immoral activities, themselves.

      Convicted criminals need to be isolated from society, and “rehabilitation” is impossible as long as there are human beings running the show. At one time, France sent hardened criminals to “Devil’s Island,” and this was highlighted in the book, “Papillon,” which is about 5 inches thick. Today, that would be considered “cruel and unusual” punishment because it was such a very harsh existence.

      I’m all for placing convicted criminals on an island, giving them a fistful of produce seeds, and a couple of head of livestock. With minimal “guards,” convicts would have to sort it out, themselves, to simply survive. They would be too busy raising food and maintaining shelter to engage in machinations, quite literally. The convicts that created difficulties among the island community would be quickly dealt with in a manner that human beings respond to: shunning.

      But, as long as there is a close association between convict and “The Outside,” there will always, always, ALWAYS be contraband and idiots like the woman in the original article. For whatever reason, people become involved in “The Life” behind bars, and living INSIDE a prison might have its dangers and regimen, but it’s still a “home” to too many career criminals.

      Offenders against children should have no options.

  6. Truthy, I’m not expert in crimnalogy but I have studied about prisons, the actual prisons, and the theories behind how they were used as “punishment” and as trying to “rehabilitate” people who broke the law.

    England sent criminals to Australia and to the other colonies here in what is now the US as a way of getting rid of the criminals AND the poor…Fatal Shore is a very interesting book on the population of Australia by both the psychopathic prison administrators and the hapless “prisoners” who many times had done nothing but steal food because they were starving.

    In trying to “change” people today by sending them to prison I think it is a LOSING BATTLE but that our money and effort should be focused on prevention of the things that tend to send people toward prison…and that’s going to take generations even if we can accomplish it then…but since Cain killed Abel there have been offenders.

    I do believe that society needs to be protected from those people who are violent. I think our sentencing laws need to be revamped, but I am not sure just how. I know our system is broken, but I am not going to say I know how to fix it.

    While putting people who are violent in prison for X number of years protects the public for X number of years from these people, 99% of all prisoners are eventually released back into the public. Are these people any less violent when they are released after X number of years of being in prison where violence is a way of life, and the only way to survive? I don’t think so. After two years in prison, my son Patrick went from robber to killer. I don’t think the time he spent in prison was entirely to blame for that choice he made, but I don’t think it helped him to be in prison, I think that he just got a PhD in violence while he was in there. And, he was no longer afraid of prison, he learned he could survive.

    I do believe though that certain crimes show that a person has little likelihood of rehabilitation and that is pedophilia….

    Actually believe it or not some US states allow castration either surgically or chemically for sex offenders to “help” them control their “urges.” Since I do not believe rape is a “sexual” crime, but one of control and power, I’m not sure that castration of an adult male would do much good…and what about FEMALE sexual offenders? How are you going to castrate them? Plus Wayne Dumond, the rapist here in Arkansas who was castrated before he was convicted, presumably by some of the girl’s family or friends, no one was ever charged, when Mike Huckabee, then governor of Arkansas pardoned him and released him within a year he had “raped” and KILLED another victim.

    When I was a kid, rape was a death sentence as well as murder…of course that was considered “stranger” rape, not “date rape” or other types of sexual abuse that would be considered today….and I don’t agree with the death sentencing any more but I do think that the sentencing for sexual abuse, especially of children, and repeat offenders of any kind of sexual abuse or rape should be very long indeed.

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