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When the guilty walk free — 13 Comments

  1. Joyce, prosecutors won’t press a case unless they believe it’s going to be an easy “win” and that “win” will boost their own status or political career.

    Prosecuting a high-profile individual is a huge risk for these attorneys. Their careers can be dismantled with a single phone call to a well-placed politico. They don’t move forward with cases like Sandspathsky’s or the Princess because it would be a career risk. Plain and simple. It’s a selfish decision, on every level.

    This also holds true with cases that do NOT involve prominent members of society. My own situation is a prime example. Here, a man has clearly forged financial documents to access my private investments, took the cash, and skips away from his crimes because we were bound in a contract of marriage. The exspath should, by all rights, be serving time in a Federal Prison for forging over $75,000.00 in checks. But, he isn’t and likely won’t.

    Ugh…….there’s no test or assurance that any prosecutor is going to do the “Right Thing” in any situation. And, whether they’re elected OR appointed, it’s all a game of politics and personal gain.

  2. Good points truthy, absolutely spot on. I saw a case in Lonoke County years agoo where the sheriff was having 15year old female inmates sit on his lap naked and giving them grass and booze, and I SAW those pictures myself as I was a volunteer deputy with the dept at the time…and NOT A SINGLE PROSECUTOR in the state would prosecute him, so the feds came in and charged him with “violating their constitutional rights:” which he really didn’t DO, he molested them…he got off of the Fed charge and walked free.

    That’s a travesty of justice if ever there was one. DAs have way too much power to indict or fail to…and yea, it’s not about justice it’s about politics and the good old boy network.

  3. This is so disgusting about our society. Those who can pay, don’t have to play nice.

    It’s too bad that the victim in the Sandusky case can’t sue the DA for all of those years of mental anguish and the other victims can’t as well. He is the one person who could have stopped all of that and prevented anyone else from having to go down that road in life.

  4. Yes, DAs as are judges are exempt from most prosecution or civil suits because of the way they do their jobs or not, as the case may be.

    In this case, apparently the DA was involved in some kind of criminal activity with apparently got him killed…he destroyed documents and hard drives before his disappearance and death at the hands of some Hell’s Angels. So he “got his” though not from the victims of Sandusky.

    Karma bites!

    • And sometimes she kicks, punches and weilds some wicked weapons too! lol

      In cases like this, where he obviously knew, the DA (and judges too) should be stripped of their immunity and face the consequences thereof.

  5. ps–OJ walked free from the murder of his wife and h er friend, and I don’t think there is anyone NOW who thinks he was innocent. His narcissistic and overbearing attitude got him arrested and convicted for other crimes though, so he is in prison, and very unhappy there from what I read…so he is experiencing punishment for robbery etc. but not for the murders, but the bottom line is he is in prison…and to me “for what” doesn’t matter. Justice did come.

    • This is right up there with your post on how the well to do get off with a slap of the wrist. Had it been anyone else in the Bronco, fleeing from police, they would have surrounded it with squad cars and effectively stopped them.

      Instead they ‘chased them’ (way too long IMO) often doing only 35mph and even had the police helicopter over them as well as however many news choppers too were on scene and they broadcast it on the air live. You, me and anyone else would have been ‘Cuffed & Stuffed’ and hauled off without further ado.

  6. Phoenix, you are right about that!!! But you can’t shoot a football hero while being on video from the 6 o’clock news helicopters, you have to treat him with kid gloves, and you have to have a detective who has never said the N-word in his life, if there is such a person on the face of the planet.

  7. They didn’t have to shoot him, but if he had done it to himself? Well then that would have saved all of the taxpayer dollars spent on the trial of errors.

    If the cameras had caught it “live as it unfolds” they are accountable for showing it, just as everyone watching it is just as guilty for adding to the hype. If he had threatened to take his own life, then airing it as and if it happens is their call, but we both know there would be plenty of viewers screaming Foul! when they have the option and power to change the channel or shut it off.

  8. Yea, I think if we still had public burning at the stake of suspected terrorists that every TV channel would be showing it. And can’t you imagine the talking heads commenting on how it was going? Gosh what a horrible idea but yea I can definitely imagine it.

    I remember one time when I lived in LA in the 60s my mother came out to visit and I had a copy of the LA Free Press with the ads in the back like “nice married couple looking for a third party who is into golden showers” Mom would ask me what that meant and I would tell her that it was a couple looking for a woman who liked to be pee’d on for 3-way sex. She would go OHHHHHHHHH like she was shocked, then read the next ad and asked for me to interpret it. LOL Yea if it was so awful she could have put it down.

  9. This thread kind of reminds me of that movie, “The Running Man.” It was a television “game” show that was a hunt/escape theme to punish offenders. It’s just a matter of time before our society leans in that direction.

    Frightening, to be sure.

  10. On TV news last night they were listing escaped convicts that have been on the run for 25 or more years. One was recently caught after nearly 30 years….and his neighbors and friends were totally surprised he was an ESCAPED convict though they did know he had been in prison at one time. There were dozens of folks listed who escaped decades ago and have not been caught. We had one escape here in Arkansas recently his GF and mom helped him but he didn’t stay lost long and was discovered a couple of weeks later in Florida.

  11. Today the news carried a story about Jerry Sandusky’s SON JEFFREY Sandusky being arrested for sex with a 15 year old daughter of his girlfriend and texting and asking for nude photos…I guess that apple didn’t fall far from that tree and whether it is hard wiring or environment it looks like the family history is rolling on down the line.

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