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When You’re Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place… — 4 Comments

  1. WOW! Thanks Skylar for sharing this article with us. For those people who by law or circumstances MUST have contact with a previous abuser, and can not go No Contact, the “Gray Rock” method is a great way for them to keep down friction and drama with the offender.

    Thanks again for sharing this great article.

  2. Sky, this is a fantastic technique and thank you, Joyce, for posting it on FamilyArrested.

    There are SO many instances when people are forced to interact with spaths – legal obligations or workplace, perhaps. If another human being doesn’t present that joie de vivre or addiction to drama/trauma, the spath has NOTHING to work with. They don’t “see” a quality that they despise, or a willing enabler in their games. If they don’t “see” these things, then they move on to another target.

    Does anyone remember the movie, “Jurassic Park,” where the T-Rex has Dr. Grant pinned against a car? “Don’t move. His vision is based on motion.” A spath is a predator. Period. Their targeting is based upon those qualities or attributes that they envy, despise, and hate. If they don’t “SEE” hyper-compassion, support, etc., they move on to the next potential target.

    EXCELLENT ARTICE, and thank you so much for posting this!!!

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