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Why are “bad boys” and their families glamorized in the media? — 9 Comments

  1. Joyce, I refuse to watch any “reality” shows because they aren’t “reality,” at all. They simply play into the vulnerabilities of viewing people – that need for DRAMA/TRAUMA that elevates the heart rate and creates a sense of power when the viewer has “knowledge” that the acting participants don’t. It’s utterly destructive to the human psyche, IMHO.

    There is NOTHING “interesting” or glamorous about criminals – mobsters, in particular. I have never even seen “The Godfather” and detest the “Sopranos” series because it glamorizes what mobsters really are: psychopaths. The WRONG people are being set up on pedestals and we no longer have any true “heroes.’

    I wish that our whole culture would make a U-Turn towards accountability.

  2. It seems like there is some self-delusion going on with the mobster’s fiancee. On the other hand it might just be a need for attention. Perhaps this behavior (the desire to marry a prisoner) needs to be classified and added to the DSM so that they can be treated.

  3. Good points Truthy and Sky! Yea put it into the DSM as a mental disorder….not an “illness” as they are not the same, the “marry a killer disorder” instead of just a marry a killer mental illness.

    You guys crack me up, but in reality it is a serious problem for some of these people who seem as Sky points out, seem to need ATTENTION at any cost.

  4. I can’t bring myself to watch any of these shows as I lived through some crazy stuff in my youth that comes dangerously close as a reminder. The ‘bad boy’ who engages in gunfire, is always armed (before concealed carry was allowed) was my crowd. He would always protect me and I felt safe with him….

    Until the day he refused to leave his gun outside in the car for my roommates sense of peace. What if someone came looking for him and they were armed and he was not? All I could ask of him was Why then, are you Here? My life was in danger because of his lifestyle. *Thanks honey* (oozing sarcasm) Bullets don’t stop simply because you aren’t involved. Because you are the persons friend, girlfriend, friend with benifits or whatever- you are a target because they care about YOU. Taking you out, may hurt them emotionally and that is enough for the opposing team. It’s a reality some people glamorize for the wrong reasons.

  5. Pixie, DSM is the “diagnostic manual” for psychological illnesses which has the symptoms of each of the various mental illnesses and “defines” each one.There have been various versions over the years to codify the various disorders and illnesses and the DSM which is in use today is version 5 and just came out this year. Look up DSM V and you can get a more profound description of what it is…no sense in me retyping it here.

  6. My personal (strictly personal!) belief about why women choose the “bad boys” is that they are exciting. There is a constant undercurrent of drama and danger that can become addictive. Men choose women who are “dangerous,” as well, and we don’t read or hear enough about their experiences, I feel.

    Skylar has made reference to this type of addiction on numerous occasions, and I think that it’s something that bears strong consideration. The “addiction” to the lavish lifestyle, the drama/trauma, the money, etc….it’s DEFINITELY an illness!

    What I don’t get is men and women who begin prison romances with inmates serving time. “Penpals,” really? Um………okie dokie. My personal feeling about THAT is that these people are locked up, safely behind bars, and give the individual on the outside a level of “attention” that they lack in their own lives. Whatever the real reason, I cannot fathom that kind of emptiness that I would actively engage in a “relationsh*t” with a convicted criminal. Oh, HAYELL, no!!!!!!!

  7. Dr. Liane Leedom’s ex husband who was sent to prison for raping patients at her clinic, MARRIED the prison nurse….and I just read on the Prison Talk site about a woman who was hurting because she (a prison nurse) had started an affair with a prisoner, and lost her job when it was discovered, then she kept on with the affair afterwards and planned to marry him, only to find out he still had 15 years to go on his sentence and that he had been lying to her all along. And now, poor baby, she was heart broken that he would LIE TO HER.

    Come on folks, the BEST INDICATION OF FUTURE BEHAVIOR IS PAST BEHAVIOR and if someone is in prison for some CRIME then chances are the crime was NOT for “singing too loud in the church choir” and they are capable of IMMORAL AND/OR ILLEGAL activities and lying would be the least of these things.

    It is kind of like say a woman has an affair, knowing her partner is married and is being unfaithful to his spouse, then is SURPRISED and gobsmacked when he CHEATS ON HER! DUH???? Come on, if he will cheat on her, he will cheat on YOU!

    Yea, I agree truthy that the “excitement” of having a “bad boy” and the “drama” that goes along with it may be an attraction…but Ii have found that “drama” ain’t all that much fun, I much prefer peace and quiet, calm and even BORING! LOL

  8. Truthy- the bad boy excitement is addictive. The lifestyle, the extravagance, all of it, can be a total rush. It is not a good thing however and once you are sucked into it, it can be extremely difficult to get out of it. Adding in all of the ties that bind, the lies, the scandals, the cheating and garbage such as that- it can be really tough to leave and some only do in a body bag because they know too much.

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