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Why won’t they believe me? — 43 Comments

  1. Truthy, I totally agree with what you wrote above, I too was NEED-Y to the extreme, and partly because of my FOO…I sought to make everyone else approve of me, to make them happy regardless of the cost to myself. My normal need for validation and support was also way over the top!, WAYYYY over the top. But as I have healed, learned and grown the need for validation is much more in line with “normal” now and I no longer stop complete strangers on the street to tell them my tale of woe! LOL

    I can look back in my life though to several times I was NEED-Y that way after a trauma of one kind or another. The time I was raped by my biological father is one of those times, The fact that my own mother did not believe me (and I think still does not) hurt tremendously. Those people who did validate and support me though are much more precious to me because I was sure a mixed up little girl after that encounter.

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