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“you can’t trust used car salesmen” — 3 Comments

    • Joyce, I have learned a great number of things about my former personal prejudices, and flawed perceptions. Today, I’m trying to base my system of beliefs on facts and truths, rather than fear-based thinking and perceptions.

      The truth is the truth, whether we happen to “like” it, or not, and I recently had a conversation with someone about a person who is clearly toxic. I told this person, “It’s not just you that this person doesn’t care about – it’s everyone.” Even after the evidence supported this view, irrefutably, the person was still unwilling to accept that another human being does not have the capacity to CARE about another.

      So, trusting someone until they give me a reason NOT to (as I once did) is now off the agenda. I’m still challenged with ridding myself of fear and suspicion towards other people – this is going to take some time to sort out. BUT………my intent is to temper the fear and suspicion with a huge dose of observation WITHOUT prejudice. I have to learn how to watch and observe without fear in order to assess whether someone presents a threat to me, or not. So………that comes in due time.

      Today, I recognize and acknowledge certain mannerisms and behaviors as wholly toxic and move away from people who present them, without anger, disappointment, or any other negative emotion. They are who they are, and I’m not responsible for “fixing” them OR giving them access to my inner person. I can accept that and move on, and it’s only taken me over half a century to “get it” about my own personal options. LOL!

  1. Yea, truthy, moving away from these people when we spot the signs is fairly easy if we are not “attached” to them emotionally, it becomes more difficult when it is someone you already love, or a family member.

    I guess you could say that I am distrusting of ALL convicted people who have broken the law and gone to prison, I am also prejudiced against pedophiles and other violent offenders, because I recognize that they are NOT going to change, so that’s a big “deal breaker” for me with any of that group of people Not to say that NO one who has gone to prison for a crime is not going to change, but I do recognize that the VAST MAJORITY do not change (the average score for a prisoner convicted of a felony is 22 on the Psychopath Check List revised, and that means that they are HIGH in Psychopathic traits, even if they are not full on psychopaths with a score of 30 or more. So to me it is not worth the risk to associate with people of that group.

    Maybe not ALL foxes would kill and eat a rabbit, but it is a good idea for the rabbit not to be too friendly to ANY fox. LOL

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